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Kosher vocabulary 101

KASHAR (ko·sher):
Fit and proper to eat—generally spelled as “kosher” in modern usage.

KASHRUT (kash·rut):
Intricate Jewish dietary laws that a product must pass to be designated Kashar.

MASHGIAH (mash·gee·akh):
A person appointed to supervise the food production and certification process for kosher foods. The mashgiah ensures that the ingredients used are certified kosher and decides which hechshers can be applied to a product’s packaging.

HECHSCHER (heck·sher):
A special marking found on packages of products that have been certified kosher. Includes the certifying agency’s mark as well as markings indicating if the product includes dairy or meat, or if it’s fit for Passover.

PARVE (pahr·vuh):
Foods without dairy or meat.

SHOCHET (shō·khit):
A person who has undergone special training to perform the ritual slaughter of kosher animals.


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