Science behind Svetol: Why it works

Science behind Svetol: Why it works

Unique extraction process aims to preserve the green coffee bean's identity while extracting a high concentration of key chlorogenic acids.

Green coffee bean extract has become one of the most popular proven weight-loss solutions available today, resulting in an explosion of generic variations on the market. Unfortunately, green coffee bean extracts are not all created equal. Similar to selecting a wine, there are ways to discern between premium products over less quality options. As the most scientifically studied and proven green coffee bean (GCB) extract, Svetol® by Naturex is the most potent form available. Chlorogenic acids are the key coffee substances that are responsible for weight loss and body toning. To achieve the maximum weight loss results, extracts need to have a well-balanced profile in chlorogenic acids, and should not only focus on one particular acid, giving Svetol a great advantage over other generic products.

"Our unique process of extraction aims to preserve the plant's identity while extracting a high concentration of key chlorogenic acids," said Dr. Antoine Bily, R&D director, Nutrition & Health of Naturex. "Research has shown that these compounds support weight loss by slowing down the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream and increase the burning of fat."

Naturex utilizes a specific source of green coffee beans and a proprietary processing technology to extract the coffee beans that results in numerous benefits not found in other variations, including:

  • A well-defined and balanced chlorogenic acids profile, unlike most GCB extract on the market which primarily focus on only one particular peak of chlorogenic acids
  • A high concentration of key chlorogenic acids: at least 45 percent chlorogenic acids
  • Removal of compounds that have been found to produce negative side effects
  • Scientifically proven maximum bioavailability

The quality of the coffee beans is another significant factor. Robusta coffee beans have twice as much chlorogenic acids as the more widely-used Arabica beans. Svetol takes the weight loss and health benefits of a generic GCB extract a step further by only using premium Robusta variety of green coffee beans.

Furthermore, Svetol is the only GCB extract that has proven its mode of action through controlled in vitro scientific studies. The primary health benefits, including weight loss and improved body composition, have been proven in several clinical trials. In fact, a recent clinical study, which followed 50 people, ages 19 to 75, over 60 days, found that those who took 400 mg of Svetol per day lost an average of nearly 6 percent of body weight and increased their lean mass to fat mass ratio by over 4 percent.

Svetol is safe and supported by published scientific studies and can be used in any food preparation and food supplements. Products containing Svetol can be found in stores nationwide.


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