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Tetrahedron presents safety evaluation of Ergoneine

Tetrahedron presents safety evaluation of Ergoneine
Tetrahedron announces the publication of a comprehensive reproductive safety evaluation of its L-ergothioneine ingredient in Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Tetrahedron’s recent self-affirmed GRAS status for its ERGONEINE ingredient, a new source of the unique antioxidant L-ergothioneine, is allowing the company to move rapidly to address key issues for its broad commercialization in the U.S. market. In the spirit of transparency, a recently published Tetrahedron study on the reproductive safety evaluation of ERGONEINE in Food and Chemical Toxicology was presented during the Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology on March 22 to 24 in San Diego, Calif., underscoring the safety of ERGONEINE for use in nutritional products.

Further, Tetrahedron is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes. “Our mission is to bring safe and innovative ingredients to the market,” said Jean-Claude Yadan, Ph.D., president of Tetrahedron.

Moreover, “ERGONEINE is manufactured by a bio-mimetic and novel process, inspired by nature,” said Irene Erdelmeier, Ph.D., Tetrahedron's director of chemistry. “Contrary to other chemical processes for ergothioneine, our raw materials are the same natural and safe amino acids as those used in the biosynthesis by microorganisms and fungi. Strongly committed to the principles of green chemistry, we invented a straightforward process having the great advantage of using water as solvent. Continuous improvement of each reaction step resulted in an efficient industrial process, with patents issued in US (US patent Nr. 8,399,500) in 2013 and recently also in China.”

“As we move to broad commercialization in the U.S., we are very cognizant of issues that are of key concern to the U.S. audience, such as safety and quality of nutritional ingredients,” Yadan added. “Transparency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to the consumer, and as such we are happy to bring our data on the reproductive safety study to the public. This contributes to the building of a trust-based relationship with our clients. We are looking forward to the opportunities in the marketplace for ERGONEINE.”

L-ergothioneine critical in healthy aging, studies show
L-ergothioneine has been recognized as a physiological antioxidant that may play a critical role in many aspects of healthy aging by supporting the body’s defenses against oxidative stress. In fact, several well-known and highly respected scientific authorities have suggested in published papers that L-ergothioneine may well be an unrecognized vitamin. It is a unique naturally occurring nutrient produced in nature only by microorganisms and fungi, and brought to the living world from plants to man. Plants absorb L-ergothioneine via symbiotic associations between their roots and soil fungi. Animals and humans absorb L-ergothioneine exclusively through their respective food chains, as they are unable to produce L-ergothioneine. Particularly noteworthy is that human genome includes a gene coding for a specific transporter of L-ergothioneine, allowing the incorporation of this nutrient in all essential tissues. 

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