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Albion names Kilyos exclusive rep in Brazil

Albion names Kilyos exclusive rep in Brazil
Kilyos will be the exclusive provider of Albion’s mineral amino acid chelates in Brazil.

Albion just announced Kilyos Minerals and Nutrition (Kilyos) as its new sales representative in Brazil. Kilyos will be the exclusive provider of Albion’s mineral amino acid chelates in Brazil. 

Kilyos, a Sao Paulo–based sales agency, was founded by Jose Joao Name, MD. Dr. Name was responsible for introducing Albion’s amino acid chelates to South America in the early 1990s. As the head of Brazil’s professional sales and service group for Albion, Dr. Name’ is highly versed with Albion’s mineral ingredients. He has represented the company from all aspects including sales, research and as a lecturer for over 20 years. 

“Brazil is similar to other countries that have suffered with high scale mineral deficiencies”, said Dr. Name. “The goal of the partnership between Albion and Kilyos is to provide mineral deprived communities with advanced nutrition and improved overall health.” Kilyos plans to work with both public and private organizations on their health campaign.

“Albion operates through distributors and independent sales agents outside of the United States,” said Dr. Max Motya, director of sales and marketing, Human Division. “Customers in Brazil will now be serviced by the highly dedicated and knowledgeable Kilyos team. I’m confident that the level of service with be on par with the exceptional quality provided by our U.S. office. This is truly an exciting addition to our international organization”.


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