Adinfinitum – Take a Trip to the Amazon; New EarthFruits Website Takes You There

A new website created by ADinfinitum has just gone live is a journey into the Amazon Rainforests created to give its viewers an unforgettable virtual experience.

“EarthFruits has a stunning visual story to tell,” says Sue Taggart, President and CEO of ADinfinitum. “We had some exceptional imagery to work with. Not only that, their story is compelling and authentic and it makes for a great web presentation.” The website was part of
a total package of new marketing materials including a corporate brochure, sales binder and sales sheets.

“ADinfinitum totally captured who we are,” commented Kevin Busby, General Manager,
Earth Fruits. “They had previously executed a highly successful PR campaign from which we have seen tremendous ROI. We are now receiving terrific feedback on the new website.”

EarthFruits specializes in providing tropical fruits from the Amazon to the natural health and organic foods and beverage industries. The company partners with local co-ops to obtain wild-harvested fruit from deep within the most pristine parts of the Amazon Rainforest. They are able to source novel fruits and introduce them into the US and global markets straight from processing facilities right where the fruits grow.

ADinfinitum has been delivering creative thinking, targeted strategies, and trendsetting campaigns to many clients in the natural product and functional food industries for over 19 years. A full service communications group specializing in branding, PR, advertising and lifestyle initiatives, ADinfinitum has a diverse network of industry, organization and media contacts that bring significant value-added opportunities to its clients.

ADinfinitum can be found on the web at, or in person at 30 Broad Street, Suite 2203, New York, NY. 10004.

For further information on ADinfinitum and its services contact:
Sue Taggart at 212.693.2150, ext. 313 or e-mail [email protected]
Melody Morrow at 212.693.2150, ext. 303 or e-mail [email protected]
For press information: Contact Tamara York at 212.693.2150, ext. 314 or e-mail [email protected]

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