Responds to Vindication Claim in Defamation Case

Westchester, New York – November 17, 2006 – (, an independent evaluator of health and nutrition products, responded to a press release issued today by the supplement industry trade group, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). In the release, CRN contends that’s decision to end a defamation suit against the trade group “vindicates CRN.” “Nothing could be further from the truth,” stated Tod Cooperman, MD, president of

The suit against CRN originated last year shortly after CRN issued a press release about a “complaint” it sent to the FTC regarding ConsumerLab considered that both this release and complaint contained mischaracterizations and defamatory remarks. The FTC found no reason to take action with respect to CRN’s complaint and the court rejected CRN’s attempt to dismiss the defamation suit against it.

During the course of the suit, ConsumerLab has been forced to divert an extraordinary amount of resources to the case. “It was clear that continuing at full steam to test products and publish our reports for consumers was more important than eventually winning this case. We could not let CRN slow us down. We chose to drop the case,” Dr. Cooperman explained.

ConsumerLab’s full response is found at

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