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First Coenzyme Q10 Manufacturing Facility Opens in North America

Kaneka Nutrients Plant to Meet Burgeoning Demand for Popular Supplement

Pasadena, TX., November 1, 2006 – In response to a steadily increasing global demand for coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Kaneka Nutrients L.P. today opened the first CoQ10 manufacturing plant in North America. The facility will be the second major CoQ10 plant opened by Kaneka Corporation, Kaneka Nutrients’ parent company, which has been manufacturing CoQ10 in Japan since 1977. The opening marks the first time that CoQ10 has been manufactured outside of Asia Pacific.

“The United States generates the largest demand for CoQ10 globally, so it makes sense that Kaneka selected the U.S. as the site of its newest facility,” said Tom Schrier, national sales manager, Kaneka Nutrients, L.P. (KNL). “The majority of CoQ10 supplements in America contain KanekaQ10™, so this facility will put us closer to our U.S. customers and enable us to support the many new applications for CoQ10 in rapidly expanding markets such as functional foods ad beverages.”

Kaneka’s Pasadena plant will have an initial annual capacity of 100 metric tons to help meet a global demand.

“We manufacture KanekaQ10™ under rigorous pharmaceutical standards and thus have spent more than a year developing this first‐rate facility, which includes implementing Kaneka’s numerous safety and quality controls,” said Kazuhiko Makino, president, KNL. “We are excited to see the efforts of this past year pay off today as we open our doors and begin distributing the first America‐made CoQ10 to our customers.”

The CoQ10 manufactured at the plant will help meet American demand for the supplement. Because KanekaQ10 is a dietary ingredient for consumer supplements, the first American‐made KanekaQ10 is expected to hit store shelves after Kaneka’s customers incorporate it into their own formulas.

“It’s fitting that Kaneka open the first CoQ10 plant in Texas due to CoQ10’s strong ties here. Dr. Karl Folkers first identified CoQ10’s chemical structure at the University of Texas nearly three decades ago; Kaneka subsequently had the privilege to help support some of his groundbreaking studies on CoQ10,” said Dr. Robert Barry of KNL’s scientific affairs department. “Since then, KanekaQ10™ has become the most studied CoQ10 in the world. As we embark upon this new venture in the U.S., we are looking forward to continuing our strong support of leading‐edge research here in the States and worldwide.”

In Japan, the first country to begin taking CoQ10, CoQ10 has been prescribed for heart failure since 1977. Since then the antioxidant, which has a key role in cellular function, has been shown through many clinical trials to have beneficial effects in general health and wellness as well as in neurologicl function, heart health and in combating diseases such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s, among others.

KanekaQ10™ is the only CoQ10 on the market that is fermented from yeast, which makes it bio‐identical to that produced by the body. All other CoQ10 manufacturers ferment their products from bacteria or chemical synthetic from tobacco. Due to its purity and strong safety data, KanekaQ10™ is the preferred CoQ10 for use in National Institutes of Health clinical as well as in numerous other trials worldwide.

About Kaneka Corporation
Kaneka Corporation of Japan is a $4 billion producer of chemical products including PVC resins, pharmaceutical intermediates, electrical materials, food supplements, synthetic fibers and fine chemicals. Kaneka, with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, has 30 consolidated subsidiaries in Japan and 16 subsidiaries outside Japan. For more information about Kaneka Corporation in Japan, contact: In the USA, Kaneka has six subsidiaries: three in New York and three in Texas. For more information about Kaneka operations in the USA, contact:

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