Geni Herbs Announces Exclusive US Partnership With Stauber Performance Ingredients

Noblesville, IN, September 13, 2006 – Geni Herbs announced today that Stauber Performance
Ingredients, Inc., Fullerton, California, has been appointed their U.S. marketing and distribution
representative for their line of Ayurvedic botanical ingredients.

The agreement, giving Stauber exclusive distribution of GH Ingredients within the US, is expected
to enhance GH’s US distribution channels, in addition to allowing dietary supplement, functional
food, and cosmeceutical manufacturers greater access to GH’s cGMP-certified, science-backed

“Our team is very excited about working with the Stauber organization,” says Ajay Patel,
President and CEO of Geni Herbs. "Over the past several months we have been conducting a
thorough review and analysis of our current distribution system. We determined that
Stauber’s professionalism, broad distribution channels in the US, and dedication to customer
service best match our extensive manufacturing capabilities.”

Dan Stauber, CEO of Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc., said, "Stauber Performance
Ingredients is proud to represent such a high quality line of botanicals in Geni Herbs.
Their quality, reputation, and dedication to product excellence is a perfect fit within the current
line of superior products we offer our customers. We have searched for years to find a synergistic
partnership in the Indian Herb market. Geni Herbs is that partner for years to come!”

About Geni Herbs:
Geni Herbs, a division of Verdure Sciences, was founded in 1997, offering extracts of plants used
in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. Since then, Geni Herbs has grown into a global leader in
the nutrition industry through application of scientific and pharmaceutical standards to create
superior nutritional ingredients. Today, Geni Herbs’ primary focus is the design and research of
botanical ingredients derived from environment-friendly, vertically-integrated processes.

About Stauber Performance Ingredients:
Since 1969 Stauber Performance Ingredients has consistently offered the finest quality
ingredients to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food supplement industries. The
company was founded by the principle of partnering with manufacturers that provide the highest
level of product and service. Companies such as FMC Biopolymers, Roche Vitamins, Ajinomoto,
Tomita Pharmaceutical, Takehara, Cyanotech, and many others have aligned themselves with
Stauber as their marketing representative. From its corporate offices in Fullerton, California,
Stauber is able to react quickly to customer needs. With warehouses in strategic geographic
locations, local delivery trucks and alliances with major freight companies, Stauber is able to
expedite any of its customers requirements. For more information please call 714-441-3900.

Jim Freeman
Stauber Performance Ingredients

Blake Ebersole
Geni Herbs

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