Introducing Powergrape® in the US market

New clinical evidence to be presented at Supply Side West 2007

17 September 2007, Gardonne - FRANCE – Successfully launched in Europe at Vitafoods 2007, the innovative energy & antioxidant ingredient Powergrape® will be introduced in the US market at Supply Side West 2007. The world’s largest event for health and innovative ingredients will be the occasion to present new results on the unique activity of Powergrape®.

For the first time, we have established a clear link between a strong antioxidant power and the capacity to improve performance and recovery (clinically proven). For both energy and anti-aging dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, Powergrape® offers a unique concept supported by clinical trials.

Powergrape®’s concept guaranteeing a unique and active ingredient includes the following:
- Specific and unique concentrations of various classes of Polyphenols including flavanols monomers thanks to Berkem’s extensive experience in the extraction of Polyphenols, in particular Bordeaux grapes.
- A prospective study which shows a significant decrease in oxidative stress on supplemented sportsmen.
- A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled cross-over clinical study which confirms the strong antioxidant power of Powergrape®; which also permits for the first time to observe a significant improvement of performance and recovery capacity.

With only 400 mg per day (dose tested and efficient in the clinical trials), Powergrape® brings innovation to active Energy and Anti-ageing formulas.

Detailed results of the last clinical study and complementary data on Powergrape®’s special mechanism of action will be presented at Supply Side West 2007.

Come to visit us at Supply Side West 2007, booth#15041.

More information, please contact:
+33 (0)553.63.81.00

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