Japan's leading FOSHU producer, Toyo Bio-Pharma(TM), shares trade secrets

Torrance, CA – With a market that has increased by 60% in the past four years, Foods for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) products are not only some of the most sought after nutritional products in Asia, they are also the most reputable. Approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, the FOSHU label allows functional health claims to be made on the product label-whether that product is a food, meal replacement, beverage or tea containing a food ingredient proven to possess health benefits.

Now, the worldwide leader in FOSHU product manufacturing, Toyo Shinyaku, has announced that it will share some of the secrets to navigating this competitive Asian market. Shinyaku’s US branch, Toyo Bio-Pharma™, will offer a special presentation time, November 7, 2007 from 4:30 to 5:20 pm at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, NV. With over 80 FOSHU products on the market today, Toyo Bio-Pharma will tell the story of how they acquired their solid footing and how US manufacturers may discover similar potential for their product ideas.

The FOSHU labeling system is now garnering rapid acceptance outside Japan. Korea adopted the system in the Spring of 2006, while the Taiwanese market readily recognizes FOSHU as an emblem of quality and efficacy. Stringent requirements for scientific support and clinical validation have earned FOSHU a trusted reputation among consumers who are constantly seeking out new options for food and beverage products that possess health-promoting ingredients.

“Much like the health-oriented buyer in the US, it’s that entire combination of convenience, taste and personal well-being that draws today’s Asian consumer,” said Mario Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer of the California-based Toyo Bio-Pharma. “People have busy lifestyles, but they still want to take care of themselves. The FOSHU label assures them that they’ve taken a step in that direction. They know they can trust the product’s claims.”

Toyo Bio-Pharma is best known for its raw ingredient, TOYO-FVG™, the leading Pine Bark extract in Japan. TOYO-FVG has been utilized in several FOSHU products for its superior antioxidant rating. TOYO-FVG is used by some of the leading companies in Japan including: Suntory for a tea beverage, Taisho Pharmaceuticals for a line of skin care products and Lion for a line of oral care products.

Toyo Bio-Pharma’s other product offerings in the US include Toyo-KanSho™ Sweet Potato Leaf Extract, Puer Flower™ Pueraria Extract and several functional ingredients processed with fermentation technology to enhance potency and efficacy. As an integrated manufacturer, with total sales approaching $100 million last year, the company possesses an excellent ability to adapt to specific client needs ranging from growing and harvesting raw materials, to processing and packaging the final product.

For more information on this premier raw ingredient manufacturer and the SSW FOSHU seminar, please contact Yoshi Shiraishi at 310.792.7467, Mario Kahn at 805.552.1988 or visit www.toyobiopharma.com

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