LUNA(R) Launches First Organic Drink Mix for Women

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan 09, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LUNA(R), the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women(TM), announced today the launch of LUNA Elixir(TM), the first organic drink mix formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of women. The portable drink mix creates a new category within the LUNA brand, expanding beyond the traditional nutrition bar line, further highlighting the company's leadership position in women's health and nutrition and commitment to overall well-being.

Research has shown that women are chronically under-hydrated and many times bored with drinking plain water. In fact, statistics from a recent national LUNA survey confirm, for example:
-- 96 percent of women surveyed understand why it is important to drink water, yet almost a third still don't drink enough
-- More than a third of respondents don't drink enough water because they forget
-- 54 percent of women surveyed suffer headaches and fatigue when they don't drink enough water
-- Almost half of respondents said they would drink more water if it tasted better
"The benefits of hydration go beyond quenching thirst - staying hydrated aides in digestion, reduces the risk of disease and infection, and encourages healthy skin, among other benefits," said Tara DelloIacono Thies, RD, LUNA nutrition strategist. "LUNA Elixir is the perfect portable option for women wanting to find tasty ways to stay hydrated, while also obtaining essential vitamins and minerals."

LUNA Elixir is a convenient, all-natural and portable drink mix option that, when mixed with water, offers a healthy twist on staying hydrated by delivering great nutrition in four exotic fruit flavors including: Orange Passionfruit, Pomegranate Berry, Raspberry Lychee and Dragonfruit Kiwi. Designed for women to use on-the-go, LUNA Elixir helps women to stay hydrated throughout the day via simple packets they can carry in a purse or backpack, or keep in their desks at work.

"In 1999, LUNA broke convention by creating the first nutrition bar for women," said Kristel Cerna, LUNA brand director. "Now we're extending our leadership by offering women new and unique ways to keep hydrated and stay nourished through natural and organic ingredients, delicious food and a commitment to women's well-being."
LUNA Elixir Nutritional Benefits
-- 50 calories
-- 70 percent organic ingredients - no artificial sweeteners or flavors
-- Contains 16 women-specific vitamins and minerals
-- A good source of calcium and iron
-- Rich in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E)
-- High in energizing B-vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B12) and folic acid (Vitamin B9)
Pricing and Availability
LUNA Elixir is available immediately nationwide and is sold at Whole Foods, Wild Oats,, and, with a suggested retail price of $1.29.

About Clif Bar & Co.
Clif Bar & Co. ( is a leading maker of all-natural and organic energy and nutrition foods and drinks, including the CLIF(R) BAR energy bar and LUNA(R), The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women. Focused on great food and sustainability, Clif Bar & Co. works diligently to reduce its footprint on the planet from the field to the final product.

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