Moor Allure, Canada's Own "Natural Beauty Products" Available for Immediate Acquisition

High quality brand of natural skin care products, formulas, manufacturing equipment, brand image, testimonials & scientific research for sale.

A key feature offered with this brand is the present owners own the land and have the provincial rights to the actual moor. The moor can supply this material long term.

These natural skin care products for the face using a unique Moor Peat from Canada provide proven benefits to the skin; are naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and reduce wrinkles. Europeans have been pampering their skin with these natural treatments for centuries.

About Moor Allure Naturals
After ten years of extensive research, Moor Allure Naturals developed a proprietary, bioactive Moor Extract to add concentrated moor nutrients to their 99% natural skin care products. The Moor Extract effectively works at the cellular level to rejuvenate new skin cells for younger-looking, radiant skin. This moor is comparable to the moors in Germany and Europe. A moor is similar to a peat bog, with the exception that the chemical composition of a moor is alkaline, not acidic.

A 250-acre moor in Ontario is the foundation of Moor Allure Naturals. A move to a 6,000 square foot research and manufacturing facility in Newmarket, Ontario in March 2004 was based on business plans to develop a unique, high quality moor based skin care line. These products are very unique, hard to duplicate and “ready to go” to the cosmetic & natural channel marketplace.

Company Founder: Jan Blacktopp
Brand Name: Moor Allure Naturals
Company Name: Blacktopp Natural Products Inc.
Telephone: 905-953-9530
Fax: 905-953-1918
E-mail: [email protected]

This opportunity is available for sale as a complete operation excluding the property of the moor and the manufacturing facility for a limited time only. We are welcoming appointments with an initial email to our broker:

Michael Theodor
[email protected]

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