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NBJ Direct Selling Charts

Television retail gains legitimacy as a sales channel, but supplement companies have yet to take much notice. Internet sales of supplements rise 13% in 2010 with TV and practitioner sales not far behind. MLMs perform the weakest, with flat to slightly declining sales. Healthcare embraces new approaches to telehealth as a meaningful way to serve and connect with patients.


Top U.S. Supplement Companies in Multilevel Marketing Channel: NBJ Data Chart 98

This data chart lists the top 15 U.S. supplement companies in multilevel marketing (MLM) channel in 2011.

Top 30 Direct Channel Supplement Companies: NBJ Data Chart 127
This data chart lists the top 30 supplement companies and their sales through Direct Channels. Direct channels include Multilevel or network marketing, Internet, Practitioner, Telemarketing, DRTV (direct response television)/Radio and Mail order / Catalog. Estimates for global direct company sales in 2011, U.S. direct sales, and U.S. direct supplement sales are given.

Retail vs. Direct Channels Analysis: Supplement and Total Nutrition Industry Sales: NBJ Data Chart 129

This data chart analyzes total U.S. nutrition industry sales and supplement sales through Retail and Direct channels for 1997-2011, with forecasts for 2012e-2020e. The retail channel sales consist of Natural & Specialty Retail and Mass Market Retail. Direct channel sales consist of Mail Order/DRTV/DR Radio, Multilevel Marketing, Internet and Practitioner channel sales.

Nutrition Industry Sales by Product in Direct Channels: NBJ Data Chart 146 
This data chart details U.S. consumer sales of Supplements, Natural & Organic Foods, Functional Foods and Natural Personal Care through the direct to consumer sales channels. Data is presented for the years 1997-2011.

Top 10 U.S. Supplement Companies in Internet Channel: NBJ Data Chart 223

This data chart lists the top 10 U.S. supplement companies in the internet channel in 2010.

Top 10 Supplement Companies in Practitioner Channel: NBJ Data Chart 224

This data chart lists the top 10 U.S. supplement companies in the practitioner channel in 2010 with estimated worldwide direct sales in 2010, U.S. direct sales, U.S. direct supplement sales, and U.S. practitioner channel supplement sales.

Top U.S. Supplement Companies in Mail Order, Telemarketing and DRTV Channels: NBJ Data Chart 225

This data chart lists the top U.S. supplement companies in the mail order/catalog, telemarketing and DRTV/Radio channels in 2011 and their estimated sales dollars in the channel.

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