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New Ingredients & Products

Schouten USA Gives Life To Organic Soy Ingredient
Minnesota-based nutraceuticals manufacturer and supplier Schouten USA has begun production of an organic version of its popular SoyLife ingredient, already used in more than 300 foods and supplements products worldwide.

The new soy germ ingredient is mechanically rather than chemically extracted from soybeans and provides nutrients such as soy isoflavones, vitamin E, folate and omega-3 fatty acids.

Approved for use in both foods and supplements, organic Soylife qualifies as an organic ingredient and is being marketed to manufacturers seeking certified-organic seals from the United States Department of Agriculture. Nutrition Business Journal forecasts organic foods production will increase 18 to 22 per cent per annum until at least 2005.

More details:
Schouten USA
+1 952 920 7700

Kashi Cereal Boasts Heart-healthy Claim
California-based health food manufacturer Kashi Company has introduced a nutrient-enhanced, all-natural cereal designed to promote heart health. The cereal, called Heart to Heart, carries a US Food and Drug Administration-approved health claim and contains soluble fibre, herbs, antioxidant vitamins and plant-derived nutrients that contribute to cardiovascular health.

The crunchy, honey-tasting cereal's ingredients include: beta-carotene; lycopene; oat fibre; vitamins B, C and E; green tea polyphenols; and grape-seed extract flavonoids. The approved claim states that in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, soluble fibre daily from whole grain oat foods, such as Heart to Heart, may reduce the risk of heart disease by helping to lower cholesterol levels.

Other Kashi products include Kashi GoLEAN Natural Slimming System Cereals, Bars, Shakes and Kashi Pillows cereals.

More details:
+1 858 274 8870

Calcium-rich Chocolate Bar Targets Women
Connecticut-based Thompson Candy Company has added to its chocolate range with a calcium-fortified line of premium products under the brand name Adora.

The all-natural, cane juice-sweetened 50g bars contain 90 per cent of the recommended daily intake of calcium and come in soy crisp and almond flavours in both milk- and dark-chocolate varieties.

Although the products are suitable for people of all ages, the company says the chocolates are aimed at women, particularly the estimated 10 million American women who suffer from osteoporosis. Another 18 million have bone mass low enough to put them at risk of developing the condition.

More details:
Thompson Candy Company
+1 800 648 4058
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