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Olympic athletes boosted by natural products industry

In honor of the Olympics, we turn to our sister publication Functional Ingredients magazine to bring you news about six natural products-sponsored athletes.

For some Olympic athletes, winning comes naturally. Speed skaters Clara Hughes and Katherine Reutter, skiers Chris Del Bosco and Shannon Bahrke, figure skater Joannie Rochette and biathlete Lanny Barnes are all proponents of the natural products industry through sponsorships and by using different products aimed at improving their performance.

Functional Ingredients magazine is covering these six athletes' journeys in Vancouver on their Olympics page. To learn more about these athletes and the way the natural products industry is helping them succeed, read on.

Long track speed skater Clara Hughes, Canada

* Bronze in women's 5,000 meter
* sponsored by COLD-FX
* Medaled in both summer and winter Olympic games (bikes in the summer)
* To read more on her journey, click here.

Figure skater Joannie Rochette, Canada

* Bronze in women's figure skating
* sponsored by COLD-FX
* nicknamed the "daughter of the Olympics" as she morns the recent loss of her mother and skates to third
* To see a video of her discussion on COLD-FX, click here.

Short track speed skater Katherine Reutter, USA

* Bronze in 3,000m team relay
* sponsored by Bioenergy Ribose
* The team originally placed fourth, but after the Korean team was disqualified, they moved to their spot on the podium
* To read more of her journey, click here.

Ski cross skier Chris Del Bosco, Canada

* Competitor in men's ski cross, fell in final leg to lose bronze
* sponsored by COLD-FX
* Del Bosco was raised in Vail, Colo. and has dual citizenship with the U.S. and Canada
* To learn more about Del Bosco, click here.

Biathlete Lanny Barnes, USA

* 23rd in 15km biathlon
* sponsored by elete
* Her finish in the 15km biathlon is the best by an American women since 1994
* To learn more about Barnes and to see her progress, click here.

Moguls skier Shannon Bahrke, USA

* Bronze in women's moguls
* sponsored by Bioenergy Ribose
* Her brother is also an Olympic athlete, competing in aerials.
* To learn more on Bahrke and to watch her race, click here.

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