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TIC Gums Offers Stabilizers for Protein Beverages

TIC Gums announces the immediate availability of stabilizers for protein beverages that provide benefits in a wide range of dairy and alternative formulations. “Our Gum Gurus have innovated three ingredients specifically created for pasteurized milk products, chocolate and alternative protein beverages. These stabilizers improve texture, providing thick, mouth coating sensations while also overcoming the formulation challenges of healthier beverages,” said Donna Klockeman, dairy food scientist.

Klockeman cited the benefits of TIC Pretested Colloid 760 MB Powder, Dairyblend MB2 and Ticaloid 875. She explained that after extensive testing of each of these stabilizing ingredients in TIC Gums’ state-of-the-art applications and pilot plant facilities in White Marsh, Maryland, it was determined that they are compatible with the range of other ingredients used in most traditional dairy and functional alternative protein beverage applications.

TIC Pretested Colloid 760 MB Powder: a unique stabilizer blend for pasteurized chocolate milk and other dairy products
Colloid 760 MB Powder is ideal for pasteurized chocolate milk products, while it can also be utilized to increase body and creamy texture in variegating syrup, eggnog and buttermilk. This process stable ingredient provides excellent cocoa and flavor suspension in pasteurized products.

Dairyblend MB2: based on proprietary Dairyblend technology
Dairyblend MB2 was developed to stabilize chocolate dairy and milk beverages, especially those that require challenging UHT processes. Dairyblend MB2 has been tested in TIC Gums’ dairy applications and pilot plant facilities and provides slightly added viscosity while giving suspension to cocoa in UHT processed finished beverages.

Ticaloid 875
The Ticaloid 875 gum system was specially developed for use in protein fortified products, including those that are identified as 95% organic. This ingredient successfully interacts with milk and soy protein ingredients, imparting viscosity and body. It has synergistic properties with starch also making it suitable for puddings and functional alternative protein beverages where thick and creamy characteristics are desirable.

Klockeman concluded, “The continuing demand for healthier dairy products and alternatives that do not compromise the creamy texture of traditional products is an excellent rationale for reformulating products with one of our stabilizers for protein beverages. Our Gum Gurus® are available to work with customers in the development of new or improved product formulations that take advantage of these new ingredients.”

For more information about these stabilizers for protein beverages, call our technical service hotline at (800) 899-3953 or visit us at for complete product listings.

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