VIRUN gets new patent, website, products

VIRUN gets new patent, website, products

VIRUN granted patent in India, redesigns website and sponsors upcoming omega-3 summit at SupplySide West.

It’s been a busy summer for VIRUN and many new, exciting events have transpired; including yet another global patent grant, patent number 261124, in India. This patent is directed toward improving the delivery of compounds and peptides by conjugating them to delivery proteins, such as Lactoferrin/Transferrin’s, Immunoglobulins and/or Albumin. The technology utilizes a protein, for example Lactoferrin, conjugated to a compound or other protein in order to bypass stomach digestion and enzymatic degradation; ultimately, increasing the overall oral bioavailability and site specific cell targeting. Also, to commemorate over 10 years of VIRUN innovation, VIRUN released a new website that is intended to elaborate VIRUN’s products, brands, events, news and successes. The new website will be continuously updated in order to invite others’ to join VIRUN events, lectures, expos, forums and webinars.  

Mucosa Adhesive Penetrating Technologies (MAPT) - receptor mediated endocytosis
VIRUN is more notably recognized for developing technologies that improve the delivery of non-polar compounds, for example Omega-3 EPA and DHA, Curcumin and Astaxanthin, into food and beverage applications. However, VIRUN’s core competency stretches further than simply the delivery into beverage applications. VIRUN has several patents and patents-pending technologies utilizing receptor mediated endocytosis compositions enabling improved bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of compounds that do not absorb well, or are not stable. The deliverable compounds have therapeutic effects and include non-polar compounds, proteins, peptides, and probiotics. The first MAPT patent application was filed in 2005 delivering an astonishing 61 percent Human Insulin into blood plasma compared to i.v. injection. The mechanism and composition follows the same natural framework as iron absorption. As the Transferrin delivers the iron into the cell, the delivered agent also mediates into the cell.

VIRUN® NutraBIOsiences™ - new and interactive website
VIRUN has largely surrounded itself by the research and development of these unique, patented, delivery technologies and have not focused their efforts on marketing. VIRUN’s websites and marketing attempts have been more so directed toward gaining credibility within industries and assuring patent protection. VIRUN’s initial website was under the name, Archimedes Laboratories back in 2003. The name was changed to VIRUN in 2004 representing VIRUN’s focus on pharmaceutical delivery technologies utilizing transfection to Transferrin’s and other anti-viral delivery ligands and nanotechnologies. Their preceding website including their new name, VIRUN, represented a virus crossing a cell. In 2007, yet another website was engendered that was the first reflection of VIRUN’s introduction into the food, beverage and supplement space using clean-label claim ingredients. This website included on their home page an actual picture of a nano-encapsulated Omega-3 EPA and DHA into water – shortly after, VIRUN was named one of a few “companies to watch” by NutraceuticalsWorld. In 2012, VIRUN’s CEO’s 6-year-old daughter, Larissa Bromley, painted the new VIRUN website to celebrate innovation and fresh thinking. This concept was used to show industry the need to be open-minded and accept new ideas; sometimes swiping-clear what we understand and thinking with a clean-slate helps foster innovation.  In 2014, to commemorate over 10 years of innovation, VIRUN releases their first website displaying their 11 years of leadership in delivery technologies and lending insight toward the efforts VIRUN’s management team are involved in, such as university cooperation’s, webinars, expos; and for the first time, promoting their brands.

Supply Side West Expo and upcoming omega-3 summit forum
VIRUN and Vital Pharmaceuticals will exhibit their technologies and new product developments at the upcoming Supply Side West Expo and Conference, booth number 22147. Visit VIRUN and Vital Pharmaceuticals’ scientists’ on Oct. 8 and 9 as they make you Omega-3 EPA and DHA OmegaH2O® clear beverages or smoothies right-before-your-eyes using different flavor combinations. Try VIRUN’s PQQwater™ beverages or CoenzymeClear™ shots at one of their three Tiki Bars. In the afternoon, VIRUN and Vital Pharmaceuticals will be serving Omega EPA and DHA chocolate chip pancakes with levels up to 1000 mg EPA and DHA per pancake. Join VIRUN and industry leaders discuss omega-3 trends, delivery technologies, stability and new product developments at the 2014 SupplySide Omega-3 Insights Summit starting Tuesday, October 7th at 1:30pm. For more information, please visit SupplySide Omega-3 Insights Summit website, sponsored and underwritten by VIRUN.

Industry workshop series lecture, Cal Poly Pomona
VIRUN collaborates with California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to help boost innovation and entrepreneurship. VIRUN CEO Philip Bromley donned a tuxedo and top hat for his last lecture at Cal Poly Pomona in April in an effort to show students that science and innovation can be fun. What will he conjure up at his Industry Workshop Series lecture on October 24? Visit for more information.


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