Vitafoods South America: regulatory, marketing & science

Vitafoods South America: regulatory, marketing & science

Conference organizers unveil this year's diverse, exciting agenda.

The organizers behind Vitafoods South America 2014 have released details of the Conference agenda for this year’s exhibition. The program, which covers regulatory affairs, marketing and science, has been designed to help companies better understand the functional foods and nutraceutical industry, gain insight into market opportunities and, ultimately, do business on the continent. 
The new Regulatory Panel covers regulatory affairs relating to ingredients, bioactive compounds and labelling, through a series of interactive panel discussions created to give delegates intelligence on how to navigate the industry’s legislative complexities simply and effectively.
Experts from Nestlé, Cargill and Danone provide delegates with critical information on how to quickly access the market and transform their business by minimizing mistakes when preparing health claims documentation, new ingredient claims, nutrition labelling and nutritional harmonization in South America. The regulatory debates take place from 09:00 to 11:00 on April 8 and 9, 2014, also feature experts from CONBRAFITO, ABIAD and RNI Conseil, delivering a 360 degree perspective of the functional foods, drinks and nutraceutical industry. 
Following on from the Regulatory Panel program at the start of each day, the Conference splits into two streams: Marketing stream and Scientific stream.

In the Marketing Conference, a series of workshops look at the latest issues and trends in the industry. Aimed at those in the marketing function, these sessions take common problems and analyze them in a practical way, giving practical tips to ensure products get to market successfully.

Euromonitor International opens the session with a presentation on the Top 10 Trends in Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, followed by Kantar Worldpanel looking at the Most Popular Functional Foods in Brazil.

Unilever, together with Equilibrium Consultoria, is running a debate on How to explain the health claims of your products, whilst Sanavita uncovers the secrets surrounding Marketing to Different Consumer Groups—Children, Women, Men and the Elderly. Team Creatif is also set to give an insightful session on How Packaging Can Help Promote a Product.  
Chris Lee, Vitafoods portfolio director, commented: “Functional foods and nutraceuticals are big news in Latin America, creating a market which is expected to be worth $13 billion by 2017.Consumers are more interested in their health and well-being than ever before, meaning there is a huge opportunity for companies to develop—and deliver—products which meet these needs. However, we recognize that the market is diverse and the launch process complex, so we have designed a Conference program which examines the most common issues and ideas for successful market access. Through our cross-section of speakers, we give delegates access to more consumer insights than ever before, providing valuable information on market opportunities which could shape the future of their business.”
Scientific Conference
Taking place alongside the Marketing sessions is the Scientific Conference, focusing on the latest research developments from across the functional food and nutraceutical industries. Coordinated by Professor Franco Lajolo from The University of São Paulo, the Conference features experts from leading universities and institution, covering topics such as Inflammation, Food & Nutrition for an Ageing Population, Future Challenges: Research & Opportunities and New Insights into Bioactive Compounds. 
Over the last decade, life expectancy in Brazil has increased dramatically—from 45 in 1950 to 74 today, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). As a result, the country is faced with the new challenge of taking care of an ageing population, a topic which is explored in the Food & Nutrition for an Ageing Population session at the Scientific Conference. Jorge Mancini Filho, Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at The University of São Paulo examines the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids on cardiovascular health and the brain as well as loss of muscle mass in the elderly and how this can be prevented. Following on from this, Lígia A. Martini, PhD from the School of Public Health looks at another issue affecting the elderly in her session on Vitamin D: New functions, deficiencies in Brazil, and Intake Recommendations, whilst Prof. Ursula Lanfer from The University of São Paulo delves into Lutein: New findings relating to Ocular aspects and cognition. A presentation from Frutarom on the role and new findings on vitamin K2 concludes the session and closes day one of the Conference. 
On day two, Professor Tomas Ong, from The University of São Paulo opens the session on Future Challenges: Research & Opportunities with a presentation on the Human Microbiome and the Development of Functional Foods. 
A session looking at New Insights into Bioactive Compounds begins with a presentation on The Brazil Nut as a Source of Antioxidants. Violeta Niborksi, a senior scientist from Danone subsequently examines The Role of the Probiotic in Prolonging Life and Immunity. Paulo César Stringheta from the Universidade Federal de Vicosa goes on to explore Biodiversity, looking particularly at the Regional Polyphenols in fruits. 
Luis Madi, president at the Food Technology Institute (ITAL) said: “The third edition of Vitafoods South America is bringing together the most important and strategic themes for the future of the functional food and nutraceutical industry. The Marketing stream presents valuable information to help manufacturers create successful products leveraging analysis on trends, consumer behavior and regulatory affairs, as well as tips about strategies for communicating with clients.
“The Scientific stream highlights new developments for example in the prevention of muscle decline and healthy ageing. New opportunities and challenges concerning human genomes, epigenetic personalised nutrition and biodiversity with regional fruits is also going to be explored. The knowledge generated by the sessions will certainly contribute to increasing the supply of functional foods and nutraceuticals, with the resulting improvement in the nutritional quality of food produced and consumed in the country.” 

Chris Lee concludes: “The Vitafoods South America Conference was extremely successful in 2013, largely thanks to the expert line-up of speakers and the practical nature of the workshops. Our aim is to bring marketing and science together, to address the hottest topics affecting the industry—and we believe we have achieved just that in this program line-up.”


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