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What trend do you hope dies in 2013?

What trend do you hope dies in 2013?

Trends in the natural foods industry come and go. We asked retailers to share which trends they'd like to see go extinct in 2013.

Matt Murray, Owner and manager of Green Acres Market in Wichita, Kan.

The sensationalizing of various supplements for weight loss, energy or sleep should be replaced by a genuine interest in building a healthy lifestyle. We’re here to support our customers in making smart choices for better health. When you develop healthy habits, you achieve weight loss and other health goals.

Steve Medcalf, Owner of Steve’s Natural Choice in Sellersburg, Ind.

The control Dr. Oz has on the market needs to stop. People often rush to stores to buy a product he mentions because they think it will offer a quick fix. As a retailer, I want to capitalize on those sales, but I’d rather see people in my store because they’re committed to changing their overall health.

Peggy Cooley, Grocery buyer at Grass Roots Natural Foods in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Unlabeled genetically modified organisms definitely need to go in 2013. As a grocery buyer, I try to provide the most organic and healthy items that I can, but it’s also the buyer’s decision. Having GMO labels on products would make it easier for the customer to choose.

Trinity Bigford, Deli and catering manager at Fort Collins Food Co-op in  Fort Collins, Colo.

It would be great to see trends in general die. Take coconut water, for example. Three years ago, we had a small amount brought into the United States. Now, millions of gallons every week are imported. It’s not sustainable to suddenly spike production of a specific product. We need to focus more on eating what we grow close to home and less on the latest magic bullet.

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