DSM launches AstaSana Astaxanthin

DSM launches AstaSana Astaxanthin

Nature-identical carotenoid nutrient utilizes a patented beadlet technology that enhances product bioavailability and stability.

DSM, the global leader in carotenoid production and product form development for the nutritional market, announced today the launch of AstaSana™  Astaxanthin, a nature-identical carotenoid nutrient. AstaSana Astaxanthin will offer dietary supplement manufacturers seeking its health benefits a reliable  supply and is available in two product forms that work in a variety of applications—a 10 percent fluid suspension and a 5 percent CWS/S tablet grade form.

AstaSana Astaxanthin is a nature-identical carotenoid nutrient and combines the powerful advantages of antioxidant potency with DSM’s quality and ability to provide a consistent global supply. DSM, a global leader in the astaxanthin market for animal health and nutrition is now bringing its expertise to the human health and nutrition market. 

Recent scientific evidence suggests that astaxanthin’s strong antioxidant protection complements the performance of other antioxidants in dietary supplements, making it an ideal addition to eye, heart, skin and immune health formulations. Astaxanthin has a unique molecular structure that allows it to insert itself across the cell membrane bi-layer. In this position, astaxanthin can intercept reactive oxygen species (free radical molecules) and limit damage to cells. This positioning also allows astaxanthin to complement the activities of other antioxidants, which are located at the surface of cell membranes to protect cells from harmful oxidation.

AstaSana Astaxanthin utilizes a patented beadlet technology enhancing product bioavailability and stability. AstaSana Astaxanthin is supported by a comprehensive safety profile unsurpassed in the astaxanthin market and DSM’s one hundred year commitment to quality, reliability and science.

To learn more about how AstaSana Astaxanthin can provide an edge for your products and your business, please visit us at our Supply Side West Booth #23024 or call 1-800-526-0189. Additional information on our portfolio of products can be found on dsm.com/human-nutrition.

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