Meet SelectSIEVE Apple PCQ

Meet SelectSIEVE Apple PCQ

Ingredient is composed of three main functional polyphenols: phloridzin, chlorogenic acid and quercetin.

Our newest addition SelectSIEVE® Apple PCQ has been isolated by 100 percent apple juice through an eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions. Apples have always been considered to have a positive impact on our health: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

SelectSIEVE Apple PCQ is composed of three main functional polyphenols: phloridzin, chlorogenic acid and quercetin, which all act in a synergic system through different metabolic pathways. These polyphenols are isolated from the fruit in glycosilated form, which guarantees its natural source and improves stability, bioavailability and digestibility.

  • Phlorizin is an inhibitor of glucose and has been said to reduce glucose absorption reducing calorie absorption.
  • Chlorogenic Acid controls the glucose release at hepatic level in the liver.
  • Quercetin is an inhibitor of PPAR gene responsible of differentiation of pre adiposite into adiposite, thus reducing the fat accumulation. The PPAR gene plays an essential role in the regulation of cellular differentiation, development and metabolism.

SelectSIEVE Apple PCQ components are reported to reduce intestinal glucose absorption by SGLT1/GLUT modulation (receptor affinity great than glucose). They regulate gastrointestinal hormones at hepatic level as well as insulin secretion. They can influence the differentiation between pre-adipocytes into mature adipocytes, which are predisposed to accumulate fat.

Hypoglycemic: 250 mg/day
Menopause: 150 mg/day
Slimming: 180 mg/day

Applications: Weight management, drainage, menopause, glucose absorption modulation and glycemic index control


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