VIRUN combines minerals, omega-3s

VIRUN combines minerals, omega-3s

VIRUN and PDOB introduce first-ever ocean-sourced mineral complexes with water soluble, shelf-stable EPA and DHA for foods, beverages and supplements.

VIRUN and PDOB introduce first ever mineral complexes naturally sourced from the ocean combined with water soluble, shelf-stable and clear-dissolving omega-3 EPA and DHA OmegaH2O® for foods, beverages and supplements.

Deep ocean minerals and omega-3 EPA and DHA
There has been a growing need to incorporate naturally sourced minerals into foods, beverages and supplements. To meet this need, VIRUN® NutraBIOSciences™ has sought to incorporate mineral complexes into its concentrates, powders and finished products. The combination of mineral solutions with omega-3 EPA and DHA can be complex. Naturally derived mineral complexes can come paired with high levels of iron, or other metals, that can accelerate oxidation of omega-3 EPA and DHA. To solve this, PDOB presented VIRUN with their Deep Ocean Mineral Complex, which contains no metal activity in connection with VIRUN’s OmegaH2O patent and patent-pending technologies and compositions. VIRUN and PDOB conducted stability testing on several 16-ounce beverage applications, and concluded that applications containing omega-3 EPA and DHA and 25 percent PDOB Deep Ocean Mineral Complex remain stable for at least year.  

PDOB’s Deep Ocean Minerals for liquid applications
Liquid applications, such as beverages and shot-like supplements, are best formulated using the most water soluble ingredients available. Minerals, for example calcium citrate or magnesium HCl, can sometimes be challenging in liquid applications, as sediment may appear in clear water beverages at higher concentrates. Using PDOB’s natural mineral complexes derived from the ocean allows a “clear” solution for beverages and versatility in formulation.

VIRUN patent and patents-pending stabilization technologies
VIRUN processes their concentrates using patented and patents-pending technologies. One such technology incorporates mineral bicarbonate processes that help displace oxygen and chelate iron reducing oxidation which improves the stability of finished product applications, such as beverages. Cooperating with PDOB and PDOB’s deep ocean mineral complexes allows VIRUN to use mineral complexes that are naturally sourced from the ocean.

Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean. Land sources for minerals are becoming depleted and the need to harvest minerals form their originated source are becoming more important. VIRUN now has a source to combine their processes and compositions to supply food, beverage and supplements combining PDOB and VIRUN technologies with healthful nutrients, such as omega-3 EPA and DHA that are clean label claim, eco-friendly ingredients naturally sourced and sustainable.  

Tony Jacobs, MD, of PDOB, commented, “PDOB uses patented technology to utilize a resource that is inexhaustible, our minerals are sourced from the depths of the ocean and do not deplete our land sources.’ ‘Working with VIRUN allows us the ability to combine innovative solutions to a growing market focused on clear and clean-label claim ingredients.”

Nina Parker, business coordinator at VIRUN, stated, “we were amazed at the stability of PDOB’s mineral complexes with our OmegaH2O®, their mineral complexes literally offered a one-to-one replacement of our current bicarbonate patent pending process and patented compositions.’ ‘In addition, the mineral content in our compositions and beverage applications offer our customer’s health claims that they would not otherwise been able to claim.”

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