Enzymotec announces another expansion of its phospholipids plant

Enzymotec announced today on a third plant expansion for this year in an effort to meet
the increasing demand of its various accounts and to meet projected demands of it novel Sharp-PS(TM) GOLD grade .

"The increased demand for our Phosphatidylserine, especially the proprietary stable fluid PS grade and recent launch of Sharp-PSTM GOLD and alpha-GPC have forced us to triple our capacity along this year . On top of that, there is an increase in the complexity of the plant due to the introduction of the "GOLD" line. Says Mr, Boaz Noy, Enzymotec VP operations ". This novel combination of PS and DHA was once obtained only by extraction from bovine brain. Our unique enzymatic technology and know-how, now enables us to produce this material from safe and natural sources". Concludes Mr. Noy.

Earlier this year Enzymotec announced of the launch of alpha-GPC as-well as the novel phosphatidylserine grade of Sharp-PSTM GOLD. Both are ingredients that aim to improve cognitive performance. Sharp-PSTM GOLD by Enzymotec better mimics the human brain PS and was found to increase DHA's availability to the brain as-well as improving cognitive performance , better than regular PS. Recently Enzymotec recruited two PhDs to support the expansion of its marketing group.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, a developer and a manufacturer of innovative, biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, and infant formula. The company develops and produces novel, lipid-based ingredients among which are: CardiaBeatTM for CVD management, Sharp-PSTM and Sharp-PSTM GOLD for improving cognitive performance and InFatTM for balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers.

Enzymotec will present Sharp-PSTM GOLD as-well as its other novel ingredients in the coming Supply-side west trade show at booth no.6094

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