PureCircle launches Stevia 3.0

PureCircle launches Stevia 3.0

Food Ingredients Europe attendees will get a taste of the next generation of stevia in reduced-calorie applications.

At Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) in Frankfurt booth #8M07, attendees will be given a taste of the next generation of stevia in reduced-calorie applications featuring Stevia 3.0™ by PureCircle and its European joint venture partners Tereos PureCircle Solutions and NPSweet. FiE visitors will also be introduced to PureCircle University—a one-of-a-kind, stevia immersion seminar.

Since European approval of stevia, PureCircle has continued to lead the industry, developing an innovative high-purity stevia product portfolio to meet the evolving needs of food and beverage manufacturers. “We found that Reb A—while a really important part of our portfolio—didn’t work in every application,” explains Jason Hecker, vice president global marketing and innovation. “Stevia 3.0 represents an evolution for us from a single stevia ingredient solution to blending stevia ingredients for deeper calorie reductions with great taste.” Rather than providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ stevia sweetener, PureCircle learned that to get the best stevia-sweetened product, a blended approach is key. Knowing the particular stevia ingredients that work best in specific food and beverage matrices, lets product developers achieve deeper calorie reductions with better taste profiles, achieving a more rounded sweetness than ever before.

Stevia higher education
PureCircle University, a hands-on learning opportunity offered exclusively to customers, is the application piece of PureCircle’s stevia evolution. The PureCircle University program is designed to teach ‘everything stevia.’ This encompasses understanding stevia 3.0 blends to developing great tasting formulations and harnessing the key communication benefits of a plant-derived sweetener.

In booth #8M07, FiE attendees will get to sample PureCircle University application knowledge for themselves in a number of ways:

  • Stevia 3.0 innovation—Stevia 3.0 vs. Reb A—how next generation stevia application is improving taste/product comparison
  • Permissible indulgence—great tasting, sugar-reduced yoghurt and ice-cream
  • Redefining ‘regular’ in soft drinks—pushing the boundaries of sugar reduction with great tasting beverage formulations—in Europe 50 percent reduction will become the new 30 percent
  • Hitting the sweet spot—confectionery and gum—applying natural-origin sweetness to sugar-free products
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