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Steviva creates custom sweetening system

Steviva creates custom sweetening system
Steviva modifies hammer mill to create industry’s first custom all-natural sweetening system.

Creating the right flavoring combination for a food or beverage can be a lengthy process. This is especially true when working with high-intensity, all-natural sweeteners such as stevia, which may be up to 600 times as sweet as sugar. Every high-intensity sweetener has unique sensorial attributes, imparting its own taste and functional properties and must be used in precise, minute quantities.

With the increasing widespread interest of healthier sweeteners, Steviva Ingredients has developed a custom sweetening solution system designed to help product developers save the cost of research and development, as well as manufacturing expenses, in creating new food and beverage products made with all-natural sweeteners.

“Like spices or flavors, each sweetener imparts its own taste and functional properties, and incorporating them into product applications can be tricky,” said Thom King, president of Steviva Ingredients. “We have developed a custom sweetening solution system for food & beverage professionals to essentially take the mystery out of working with high-intensity sweeteners to deliver innovative, naturally sweetened products in an expedient, cost-effective manner.” 

The solution system offered by Steviva is based upon a highly modified pharmaceutical-grade hammer mill, from which specific, customizable combinations of all-natural sweeteners can be processed. “We affectionately call it ‘The Beast’,” said King. “It has enabled us to offer our customers extremely precise, custom sweetening blends with particle sizes ranging from 30 mesh, all the way to 300 mesh.”

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