New food review: new chocolate line targets the health-conscious

An array of chocolate-based products have been tracked by Productscan this month, many of which exploit the health properties of the ingredient. A range of chocolate candies touted as a good source of antioxidants have been launched, while chocolate has also been combined with pasta and fish snacks. With consumers demanding healthier indulgent products, many of these products tick the right boxes.

Prestat recently introduced a healthy chocolate line in the UK, which is said to be high in antioxidants. The Prestat Choxi+ Milk Chocolate bar is touted as having two to three times more antioxidants than 'ordinary' chocolate, because it is made gently without too much heat. It comes in four flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Sweet Orange, and Dark Chocolate with Oriental Mint.

Another new chocolate range has been launched in the US by Phytobase Nutritionals. The Amoriss Bite-Size Organic Dark Chocolate is said to contain a combination of red wine extract, the antioxidant resveratrol and super fruits such as acai, gogi and pomegranate. As well as being good to eat, the company also recommends using the product as a face pack. It notes that a few of the chocolates can be melted in a bowl and applied to the face, leaving the skin smooth and healthy looking. The chocolate claims to have heart-healthy, longevity and anti-aging benefits, making this a unique offering in the chocolate candy market.

Staying with the chocolate theme, La Novella has recently introduced a dark chocolate chili pepper flavored pasta in Finland, an unusual flavor combination for a pasta product. Marketed under the La Novella brand, the pasta is recommended to be eaten with olive oil and cheese. While the trend for hotter, spicier chocolate flavors has become popular in chocolate candies, this new pasta shows that the trend is now migrating outside of this category.

Meanwhile, Viciunai UAB has introduced an unusual product to its line of fish-based foods, consisting of chocolate covered fish. Vici Sweets del Mare (sweets of the sea) are available in various European locations and are made up of surimi (pulverized fish) covered in chocolate. They are said to be low in calories, low in fat and contain no artificial flavors, but whether consumers will take to this unusual combination is another matter.

Moving away from chocolate, Griesinger has introduced the Griesinger Sportlerbrot in Germany, which consists of a soccer ball-shaped loaf of bread. The bread is marketed towards athletes as it is said to contain healthy ingredients including four different grains and sunflower seeds. The soccer ball shape is unusual and the formulation of the product seems to fit the concept of appealing to athletes.

Finally, Stonyfield Farm is capitalizing on the success of its YoBaby toddler yogurt line with a new range of yogurts in the US called YoMommy. These are designed for pregnant mothers, nursing and new moms, containing healthy ingredients such as calcium, vitamin D and folic acid. The yogurts are said to naturally enhance digestive and immune health with an 'exclusive' probiotic blend, which could be an attractive offer for new moms seeking to enhance their diet.

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