Plenty of Innovation Opportunities for Heart Health Products

Bio2com ApS, the health ingredient professionals behind Nutrafiles, are launching a market report investigating heart health products and their respective ingredients markets. Statistically, one out of every six persons would benefit from a heart healthy diet as these individuals are at risk of heart health problems or already affected by heart related issues. This number represents more than 1 billion consumers worldwide today.

The four most important nutrition factors for heart health are lowered salt, fat, sugar and cholesterol. Among the products launched in 2009, reduced amounts of these ingredients can be found in 9% of the new products going on the shelves. Conversely, the six most proactive ingredient categories such as omega fatty acids, sterols and stanols, fibres, polyphenols, carotenes and potassium salts are still used modestly in most product categories. However, a 50% growth in generic heart health claims on newly launched products has been identified; where improved circulation and stroke risk reduction have seen the highest growth, respectively 71% and 100%, although from a lower starting level.
It was also discovered that majority of the products, i.e. more than 60%, have unspecific claims on how they promote heart health.

“We find that the claim differentiation is rather limited, partly due to regulatory constraints – but also due to lack of product concept innovations. I am surprised to see that only 9% of all new foods and drinks are formulated with heart health in mind as this is an issue for one third of adult consumers.” says Karin E Nielsen, Bio2com.

Bio2com expects the heart health food and beverage product market to grow annually on average 20% in value during the next five years and approximately 50% in volume.

“The estimated 5bn USD global market for heart health foods should be expected to be more dynamic as we see that supplements addressing this area represent more or less the same value. When compared to the cardiovascular drug market worth 20 times more, i.e. 100bn USD, we should hope for some more dynamics in the food and beverage front soon,” continues Nielsen.

The report analyses the new food, beverages, and supplements, their ingredient use, and looks at innovation potentials in many categories from bakery, beverages, confectionary, dairy, snacks to soups. Additionally, the report also looks into which ingredients are offering potentials for strong claims to consumers and which overall drivers to focus on, specifically in the North American and European markets.

The report will be available November 20, 2009, and can be purchased at on the E-shop page including an interactive webcast presentation opportunity and slideshow options.

Bio2com ApS are experts within the value chain between science and consumer nutrition. Bio2com supports industries in need of commercial research, assistance and advice. Bio2com ApS specializes in market trends, NPD intelligence and supporting new business projects on health ingredients and bioactive compounds. The company holds a high expertise level within biology and the nutraceutical industry.

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