ABB’s New Pure Pro® 50 Looks, Feels & Tastes Impressive

AURORA, ILLINOIS – OCTOBER 29, 2009. The innovative spirit that launched ABB as a brand in 1985 continues with the introduction of Pure Pro® 50 ready to drink shakes in 5 delicious flavors. The resealable Alumi-Tek™ aluminum bottle is a sports nutrition industry first, and represents an incredible convenience to hard training athletes and ‘weekend warriors’ who will appreciate the way the substantial aluminum container keeps this performance beverage cooler for longer while giving them the option to re-cap it and save some high-quality protein for later.

“Pure Pro® 50 is ideal for anyone who can use a tasty 50 gram serving of milk and whey proteins with ready to drink convenience,” said Rachel Hopkins, a food scientist at ABB’s product development laboratory. “That would include bodybuilders looking to move up to a heavier weight class, athletes who typically burn a lot of calories when training or competing, and individuals who need a little help hitting their daily protein target. Pure Pro® 50 delivers an impressive amount of protein and muscle building amino acids while holding back fat, sugar and carbohydrates.”

ABB stands out as one of the few sports nutrition companies to formulate and manufacture products at company owned and operated facilities. All locations are GMP compliant. In addition to its reputation for incredibly consistent quality, ABB is further distinguished by offering a comprehensive line of energy, protein, training recovery and anytime performance beverages that include a number of industry firsts.

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