Broccoli Tea Tastes Success

Baltimore—It may not seem terribly appetising, but a patented tea infused with a broccoli extract has proven so popular its makers have had to suspend sales until more customised broccoli seeds can be grown.

Brassica Protection Products tested the beverage in select US markets in March, but a rash of news stories about the tea's antioxidant potential increased demand that exhausted supplies in a matter of weeks.

The active ingredient, sulforaphane glucosinalate (SGS), found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables such as kale and cabbage and first isolated by the US Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1992, boosts the body's ability to fight carcinogens. Its greatest selling point, however, may be the fact that it is tasteless.

"We consider SGS the 'next generation' antioxidant," said Brassica CEO Tony Talalay. "Consumers can receive SGS combined with the great taste of tea."

Each cup of Brassica tea provides 15mg of SGS, the same amount as found in a three-ounce serving of adult broccoli.

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