Great New Packaging, Same Amazing Coffee…Jim’s Organic Coffee Rolls Out a Bright, New, Exciting Look

Wareham, Massachusetts (August 27, 2007) Offering the same great, high quality, organic coffee that consumers have come to expect, Jim’s Organic Coffee unveils updated, newly designed packaging that is not only brighter and fresher but is also more consumer and environmentally friendly.

Committed to a strong green initiative, Jim’s Organic Coffee will be the first company to offer sealed coffee bags that use renewable sources in their design. The coffee bags use a layer of modified Polylactide (PLA), which is derived from corn and comprises about 19% of its layering. The benefit of this innovative packaging is that the petroleum-based components of the structure are replaced with renewable resources thus dramatically improving the ‘greenness’ of the packaging.

According to Jim Cannell, President of Jim’s Organic Coffee, “These new bags are the first generation of coffee packaging using renewable ingredients and we are pleased to be one of the first roasters to offer them. After 15 years in this business, I now feel we have a bag that truly compliments our organic coffee story in a simple way and shows our commitment to social responsibility. We have done this without changing the overall look and feel of our festive bags that our customers associate with our quality coffees and without losing the fun edge that has been part of our branding since the beginning.”

The new packaging offers many additional positive benefits. First, there is a one-way valve for de-gassing the fresh roasted coffee which is now strategically placed inside the artwork on the coffee cup’s steam to add aroma to the package. The bags also feature a sticker with a detailed description about the coffee, information about the country of origin and a color-coded system that displays the roast of the coffee. These features are designed to help consumers easily pick the best coffee for them without having to be a coffee expert. The writing and typeface are bigger and bolder with patterns that draw the eye thus making the bags easier to read and understand. The company’s organic story is nicely illustrated with simple phrasing that makes it come alive. The tin ties that allow for re-sealing the pack now feature botanical and company information on them, like, “In Guatemala, we have built and supplied a children’s library” or, “In Costa Rica, our supplier is part of a 40,000 acre eco-preserve”.

Jim’s Organic Coffee is a leader in the coffee industry providing a wide selection of slow, hand-roasted, certified organically grown coffees from around the world. With over 35 varieties to choose from, the company ensures its effort to support farmers with fair wages, support the ecosystem by buying shade grown coffee which provides bird habitat and support organic agriculture sustaining vital ecosystems. Jim’s Organic Coffee now furthers its efforts by purchasing wind and other forms of renewable energy as well as providing their customers with fully compostable Ecotainer Cups. Their delicious coffees are available at health food stores, markets, fine restaurants, bakeries and through the website at


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