Introducing Goji Berry Products for Retail Food or Beverage Application

Encore Fruit Marketing offers a full selection of Goji berry ingredients made from fresh or dried goji berries purees, including:
- purees
- puree concentrates
- juices
- juice concentrates
- goji powders
- IQF goji berries
- Conventional and Organic

Goji berries contain a broad spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, including Beta-Carotene (even more than carrots). In fact, Goji berries are the richest source of carotenoids of all known foods!

Goji berries have a high ORAC rating for fruit, according to Tufts University researchers.

Additionally, Goji Berries contain the following nutrients:
13% protein than whole wheat
21 trace minerals, including Germanium
Essential fatty acids and B-complex vitamins
19 Amino Acids
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Beta-Sitasterols (Cyperone, Salavetivane, Physalin, Betaine)

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