Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink

Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink
Record ID: 1266634
Company: Aeon
Brand: Topvalu
Category: Dairy
Sub-Category: Liquid Dairy Other
Country: Japan
Date Published: 02 Feb 2010
Launch Type: New Product
Price in local currency: 198.00
Price in US Dollars: 2.20
Price in Euros: 1.55
Bar Code: 4901810339273

Product Description
Topvalu Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink comprises milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria and is sweetened with sugar. This product is designed to be mixed with water, soda or shochu (potato liqueur), to five times its volume. The RRP is 198 yen. Topvalu is Aeon's private label that not only ensures quality and functionality of products, made possible by consumer surveys and other means, but delivers safe, eco-friendly products that feature less additives or packaging materials, and clearly labels product information including nutritional values and whether the product features GMO ingredients. The company also offers products at a reasonable price, and ensures refund or replacement if products are not up to satisfaction. All Topvalu branded products comply with Aeon's code of conduct and have passed external quality control. Topvalu has seven sub-brands, of which the main Topvalu comprises basic clothes, food and home products that ensure safety and reasonable pricing.
Product Variants

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Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink

Flavours Unavailable

Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Package,
Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Product

Ingredients: Sugar, skim milk powder, flavourings (contains milk ingredients), acidifier
Nutrition: Per 40ml serving: Energy 102kcal, Protein 0.8g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 24.7g (of which Sugars 24.7g, Dietary Fiber 0g), Sodium 10mg, Calcium 26mg, Salt Equivalent 0g, Non-fat milk solids 3.8%

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