TheBϋ launches organic kombucha with probiotics

TheBϋ launches organic kombucha with probiotics

Sparkling kombucha contains Ganeden BC30.

Estimated to reach $500 million by 2015, the kombucha market is one of the fastest growing beverage industries in the United States. This growth comes as the demand for natural and healthy foods and beverages continues to rise, with kombucha and tea drinkers seeking more variety and a better-tasting, more nutritious alternative.

All-natural, low calorie, and lightly carbonated TheBϋ™ introduces its new and improved line of delicious, sparkling kombucha organic teas with the infusion of premium probiotics by leading food and beverage probiotics company Ganeden, and a low-sugar formulation that make it a delicious, refreshing and healthy choice.

Known among tea drinkers as “The World’s Best-Tasting Kombucha Organic Tea,” TheBϋ creates its kombucha from organic ingredients produced in small artisanal batches that guarantee a smooth, delicious taste. “We have invested in perfecting the unique taste of kombucha in all-natural Melon, Tangerine, Tropical, and Lavender flavors,” said Gary Hawes, president and CEO of Makana Beverages Inc., the parent company of TheBϋ Kombucha. “While many kombucha drinks have a sour, oftentimes unpleasant aftertaste, TheBϋ has a refined flavorful taste that can be enjoyed by the discerning palate of kombucha fans, as well as mainstream tea drinkers.”

Aside from its exceptional taste, the new TheBϋ now carries the proprietary Ganeden’s BC30 probiotics strain, which has been proven by clinical research to have a stable shelf life, survive gastric acidity in significant percentages, and is GRAS-certified by the FDA. The premium probiotics in TheBϋ Kombucha harmonize with the body, helping it do its job of strengthening the body’s immune as well as maintaining a healthy weight and digestion.

For the weight-conscious, TheBϋ Kombucha’s new formulation contains only three grams of sugar per serving while still retaining the same great taste in a low-calorie drink. “Addressing the high demand for natural and healthy beverages, TheBϋ offers an organic, refreshing and delicious kombucha taste with significantly less sugar and the benefits of probiotics,” says Hawes.

Beautifully bottled in aesthetic and appealing glass packaging, TheBϋ Kombucha comes in four all-natural, low calorie, low sugar, probiotics-powered Melon, Tangerine, Tropical and Lavender variety.


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