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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Save the tatas!

With the holidays coming around the corner and Halloween breathing down our necks, October often gets forgotten as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While the cause may not be on the forefront of our minds as we get caught up in other fall activities like pumpkin carving and picking apples, it definitely deserves recognition as it can affect any woman and some men.

Here are some interesting facts that I think retailers should know before setting up displays or offering packaged products at a deal:

So it affects a lot of people. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring awareness to your aisles and have customers calling out for a cure. Use the following tips to merchandise products linked to breast cancer awareness.

  • Pink is the official color of breast cancer awareness and many products are packaging pink to show their support for the cause. All kinds of health and beauty manufacturers have put out breast cancer-specific products with a portion of the proceeds going to research. California Baby, Aveda, Cuisinart, Kneipp, Verikira, and One with Nature all have put out products that could be merchandised together. Check out Marie Claire's list to see everything pink. However, you have to do your research. is working to get breast cancer research the funds it needs.
  • Utilize your bakery and a woman's love for sweets. Put out pink ribbon cookies, have a donation box, and a sign showing some surprising stats. Customers won't feel as guilty for purchasing a double fudge brownie if its for a good cause.
  • Offer shoppers discounts on particular items if they donate a certain amount to the Susan G. Komen foundation.
  • Produce reusable grocery bags. Sunflower Farmers market did it and it turned out great.
  • Keep an eye out for supplements and other products designed to promote women's health and specifically breast health. Maitake is now making a "Breast*Mate" which uses synergestic ingredients to support healthy breast cells. The first step towards a cure is prevention!

  • Set up displays and posters explaining to customers how to detect lumps and irregularities to avoid later stages of terminal breast cancer.
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