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Diets, revisited

The Stress-Eating CureThe Stress-Eating Cure

I was enjoying a large piece of cheesecake when The Stress-Eating Cure fell on my desk. Realizing it wouldn’t hurt for me to look it over, I put down my chocolaty delight and did some reading.

The book is by Dr. Rachel F. Heller and Dr. Richard F. Heller, the authors of the #1 New York Times Bestseller of “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Program” series. In their newest book, they tackle the hormonal cause of stress-eating with a cure to the eleven different patterns associated with it.

The main idea of the book is to have a result that brings satisfaction and success without struggle, but what diet-related book doesn’t say that?

What makes this book different, or so the authors claim, is it doesn’t restrict the kinds of foods you eat or limit portions. Instead, the book helps readers target the cause of their stress hunger and cravings, which the authors claim to be from a physical imbalance and hormonal overload.

As readers progress, they will determine their particular stress-eating pattern, as well as its cause and cure. Readers will also learn how to restore their stress hormones to ideal levels and make a balanced breakfast (which we all know is the most important meal of the day).

The book includes over 30 balancing food recipes that include some mouth-watering meals like “Luscious and Legal Lasagna” as well as some interesting choices like “Kiwi Eggs.”

Coming in at less than 300 pages (with double-spaced text), the book is an easy read. Here is hoping I can finish it before I finish that pie sitting in my fridge.

The book goes on this April for $24.99.

The “I” Diet

The “I” Diet“Enjoyable dieting” is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one, but that is this diet’s claim to fame.

While many diet books deal with eating habits (such as smaller portions, resisting junk food, etc.) this book, written by Susan B. Roberts, focuses on eating desires. In other words, instead of telling you to eat healthy, this book shows you how to like eating healthy.

It would take more than a few encouraging words to get me to enjoy a piece of celery more than a piece of chocolate cake, The “I” Diet recognizes our biological food instincts (hunger, availability, calorie density, familiarity, and variety) and addresses how they impact what, how, when and how much we eat.

In short, the main idea behind this book isn’t to limit, control, or stop you from eating foods like potato chips. Instead, this book teaches you how to not want chips at all.

The “I” Diet is available now for $13.95.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life

Love Your Body, Love Your LifeLosing weight can often improve one’s body image, but sometimes it takes a lot more.

Sarah Maria’s book Love Your Body, Love Your Life takes a step back from dieting and focuses on helping people overcome Negative Body Obsession.

While most books in this category teach readers how to tackle that craving for bonbons, people may finish the book with cravings for things other than food. Love You Body offers suggestions and tips on the subjects other books lack, such as how to live a purpose, find a relationship, and discover who you really are.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life is available at a number of prices, typically for less than $15.

The Full Plate Diet

The Full Plate DietWhen we hear, “Do what your mother says,” it’s hard not to give a hearty eye roll. However, that’s the main approach for The Full Plate Diet, by Stuart A. Seale, Teresa Sherard, and Diana Fleming. When we were kids, our parents wouldn’t let us go through a drive thru three days a week, so why should we let ourselves?

The book stresses the importance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts in our diet, and how these kinds of foods are filling and yet still tasty and healthy.

Emphasizing the importance of fiber, which helps keep people full, The Full Plate Diet shows readers how to boost regular meals into fiber powerhouses.

What really sets this book apart from the others is how the book is designed. While the placement of a box and picture may be the last thing on a dieter’s mind (especially when the pictures are of something delicious), its pleasant aesthetics and design makes it fun to read.

It’s a lot more fun (and easier) to read a book with interesting design and style than a book that’s just boring paragraph after paragraph.

In fact, this book looks nice enough to be a nice addition to a coffee table book collection.

The Full Plate Diet can be found at prices ranging between $10 and $15.

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