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Tips for a successful Expo West

Whether you have been coming to Anaheim in the spring for Expo West for 30 years or you are just timidly registering and buying your plane ticket to the John Wayne Santa Ana airport (love that name!) for the first time, here are a few tips:

Tip #1 PRE-REGISTER!!! This is one of the easiest things you can do, and to make it easier, you can print your confirmation and bring it to any of the Express Registration kiosks in the lobbies of Hall A or Hall E and scan it to receive your badge. Go to today!

Tip #2 Wear comfortable shoes. Whether your version of “business casual” is shorts and an organic cotton t-shirt or it’s an oxford shirt with khakis, be sure to wear something comfortable to walk the show floor for up to eight hours each day.

Tip #3 Make your Expo Plan ahead of time. Visit the Online Buyer’s Guide and Show Directory and create a profile for yourself. Then peruse the new products buyer’s guide, the exhibitor list and education sessions and plan ahead for the things you won’t want to miss while in Southern California. But of course leave room in your schedule for impromptu meetings, networking in the Marriott or Hilton lobbies and the wide variety of evening events.

Tip #4 Use the Angels’ Stadium parking lot and shuttle. If you are local and driving every day to Anaheim for the show, I encourage you to park in the Anaheim Angels’ parking lot. The parking is FREE(!) and you can pick up your badge (because you pre-registered, right?) and relax as you get on a shuttle to the convention center. It’s an easy and convenient way to travel.

Tip #5 Sample, but sample slowly. There are so many wonderful things to sample at Expo West! Take your time and be sure not to mix too many things at once, it’s easy to do! Also, no need to pack your official bag with samples, there are plenty for everyone, and we only allow one bag per person per day.

Tip #6 Water. Drink Water. You’re on your feet, in sessions, talking to exhibitors, networking, writing orders, and sampling like crazy…be sure to drink plenty of good old fashioned water or some other hydrating liquid…I like to find one of the coconut waters on the show floor!

Tip #7 Enjoy yourself! Above all, enjoy yourself. For all of the reasons you come to Expo West, make sure you are having fun, it’s hard not to with such a lively and boisterous industry all around you.
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