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BENEO showcases bubblegum & chocolate lentils

BENEO showcases bubblegum & chocolate lentils
BENEO’s carbohydrate Palatinose completely replaces sucrose in tooth-friendly children's confections.

As a leader in functional ingredients, BENEO is using ISM 2015 to present its range of tooth-friendly children’s confectionery product concepts. At the show, BENEO will be showcasing on stand bubble gum and chocolate lentil concepts that have successfully undergone scientific testing with plaque pH-telemetry. Both products are tooth-friendly and fully digestible due to the inclusion of BENEO’s carbohydrate, Palatinose™, which completely replaces sucrose in the formulation.

With 83 percent of consumers globally paying high attention to oral health, products made with the tooth-friendly carbohydrate, Palatinose, are set to become increasingly popular. The non-cariogenic benefits of Palatinose have received U.S. Food and Drug Administration and EFSA 13.1 health claim approvals. Being the only tooth-friendly, low glycemic and fully digestible carbohydrate, Palatinose is ideal for food producers looking to explore new avenues in children’s confectionery. This is an area where standard sugar-free formulations are less desired, because children are particularly in need of balanced carbohydrate energy. The concepts at ISM 2015 have been clinically tested using plaque pH-telemetry, which is the worldwide-established method of testing tooth-friendliness.

The bubble gum concept at ISM 2015 has a pleasant banana flavor and can be produced using existing bubble gum technology. Its reduced stickiness facilitates processing and cleaning and offers high form stability to manufacturers. The added benefits of incorporating Palatinose in BENEO’s chocolate lentil concepts are a smooth coating and a pleasant crunch, while the core provides a similar mouthfeel and taste to conventional chocolate.

All of this, combined with the low glycemic properties and sugar-like sweet taste of Palatinose enriched products, delivers the potential to innovate for confectionery manufacturers looking for nutritional and technical benefits, without sacrificing taste.

Katja Reichenbach, product manager of Palatinose at BENEO, commented: “According to the World Health Organization, more than 60 percent of school children worldwide suffer from dental cavities. This figure shows the urgent need for confectioners to offer innovative solutions for sweet-toothed youngsters. We are pleased to present our tooth-friendly tested bubble gums and chocolate lentils with Palatinose. The positive results of the pH-telemetry show once again that Palatinose is the ingredient of choice when it comes to tooth-friendly confectionery—especially for children.”



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