Weight Management Technologies Seminar coming up

Weight Management Technologies Seminar coming up

International Food Network's Scott Martling will keynote this annual event for members of the product development and academic fields, as well as the greater CPG industry. 

International Food Network is proud to announce that Associate Director Scott Martling will be delivering the keynote address at the 2014 Weight Management Technologies Seminar hosted by Global Food Forums Inc. This seminar is an annual event for members of the product development and academic fields, as well as other members of the greater CPG industry. This event includes speakers from various companies such as Kellogg’s, NIZO Food Research, and ConAgra Foods.

Registration is now open for the seminar, which will be held at the Westin Hotel in Itasca, Ill.  It will begin with an Evening Reception on Monday, Sept. 29, and the technical sessions will be presented on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. 

Weight management and the fight against obesity and its associated illnesses have been a major issue in the packaged food and supplement industries for many years. Consumers want healthier foods, but they do not want to give up their favorite foods and flavors that they know. Scott’s address, “An Insider’s Perspective to Weight Management Product Development” will explore some of the tactics developed—both the successes and the failures—to help predict the future of weight management product development. Using case studies, this presentation will share practical insights gathered from R&D professionals who have worked for years in this specific area.

Scott has been with IFN since 2002, where he has been servicing Fortune 500 clients across the food, beverage, and supplement industries. In 2008, he co-managed the IFN office in Reading, UK as it was in its early stages. Scott states, “I am honored to be invited to give the keynote address this year, and to offer my experiences to the industry, as well as the issue of weight management.” Regarding the seminar itself, Scott said “I have attended other events hosted by Global Food Forums in the past and have always walked away with great new insights to share with my colleagues.”

Global Food Forums Inc., have worked closely with Scott and IFN for a number of years. Claudia O’Donnell, co-owner and managing partner of Global Food Forums Inc., states: “We invited Scott to be the keynote speaker because of his astute grasp of applied food science challenges and solutions, which form the foundation of all of our events. Additionally, he has excellent presentation skills, so we are looking forward to a dynamic address!"

Registration is currently open, and people who work in product development, technical applications, and similar analytical areas are encouraged to attend. Register now at  GlobalFoodForums.com/2014-Weight-Management.

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