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A New Way To Develop Exclusive Products Faster: The New Functional Foods Model

Vancouver, Washington. (July 11, 2008): Companies looking for a faster, more efficient way to develop and produce innovative and exclusive new products just got a boost to their bottom lines today.

TandemRain Innovations has arrived.

Based in Vancouver, Washington, TandemRain Innovations provides the ability to bring new, unique and exclusive products to market in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken. Working with various clients, TandemRain develops entirely new products, or enhances existing one’s, by adding functional ingredients to make products healthier, more nutritious and better for the environment.

Headed by President Tony Keller, TandemRain Innovations is a full service innovation company focused on functional product innovation for National Brands and Retailers. According to Keller, TandemRain Innovations was created because there was a need for companies to be able to turn to one partner that could provide a full-service process, in a fraction of the time of their competitor’s. “There is no shortage of ideas for new functional foods, but there are few options for a turn-key solution to identify the right ingredients, right formulation and develop a product from concept to shelf,” says Keller, who has brought consumer products to market through Costco, Wal-Mart and other retail channels. By being the only partner to manage all elements of the development process, TandemRain Innovations can deliver new products in as little as one-third the time of traditional methods.

Product exclusivity is another hallmark of TandemRain Innovations. By searching for proprietary ingredients and developing unique formulas, TandemRain can develop custom products with functional benefits.

And, the TandemRain Innovations process is more than just an idea; it is already a successful model. Production has already wrapped on a new brand, Sports Rejuvenation™. Sports Rejuvenation is an innovative line of sports drinks and foods that feature the proprietary ingredient ActivMSM™, which improves overall joint health. It is one of many new functional products to come from this progressive company.

TandemRain Innovations introduced Sports Rejuvenation at IFT Conference, June 28, where they conducted strategic meetings with key individuals from major National Brands and Retail outlets.

Full-service innovation company that addresses all areas of the product development cycle including formulation, testing, manufacturing, packaging, branding, marketing and distribution. They create innovative new products, and enhance existing ones, leveraging functional and exclusive ingredients. Currently, TandemRain is the exclusive marketer of ActivMSM™, the only GRAS-designated MSM product available, as well as numerous other beneficial products and ingredients.


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