Vitamin-Infused Vodka: Hangover Helper or Functional Fad?


Happy hour revelers have a new excuse to enjoy their martinis after work thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate Rob Bailey and his new vitamin-infused vodka aimed at reducing the effects of hangovers. The new beverage—which will be manufactured and marketed by Lotus Vodka—features B vitamins, amino acids and ginseng. “People are going to go out and drink and I think, all things being equal, it helps to have some vitamins in whatever you’re drinking,” Bailey told the Boston-based CBS affiliate WBZ-TV. “We would like to think that the next day you’ll feel slightly better with drinking Lotus versus another vodka.”

NBJ Bottom Line

While the idea of getting valuable nutrients in your favorite cocktail is appealing, products like Lotus Vodka exemplify the ongoing battle within the nutrition industry between heavily researched science-based products and products that rely more on marketing buzz. Too often functional food and beverage manufacturers take the approach that some vitamins must be better than no vitamins and that sprinkling in a functional ingredient can add a healthy halo to even the unhealthiest of offerings. As a result, some products contain very small nutrient doses with little thought given to delivery mechanisms and absorption. On one hand, the industry benefits from increased functional food and ingredient sales, but the downside is a high failure rate for functional products and a small adoption rate from consumers who are skeptical of the benefits.

Nutrition Business Journal will take an in-depth look at the functional food and beverage market and the high failure rate of functional products in the February Functional Foods & Beverages issue, which publishes later this month. To order a copy or become a subscriber visit the NBJ Subscription page.

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