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New ingredients - May 2009

Super XangoldSuper Xangold line expansion
Cognis Nutrition & Health has expanded its Super Xangold product line with new 10 per cent beadlets. Super Xangold is the only health ingredient with a 5-1 ratio of natural lutein esters and zeaxanthin esters. The new Super Xangold 10% beadlets give manufacturers the flexibility to market soft gels or a more economical tablet form, with either product delivering exceptional quality, performance and ease of use.?Super Xangold offers the precise ratio of eye-health ingredients and reduces the need for additional blending or mixing during processing, Cognis explains.

Stevia leafNew stevia-leaf strain
GLG Life Tech Corp has introduced its new stevia-leaf strain, Huinong 1, to be used in the company's 2009 stevia crop.? The new strain, whose development was led by GLG chief agricultural scientist Wang Qibin, is a unique and highly durable breed with world-high levels of Rebaudioside A. The company anticipates increased cost efficiencies through the use of the naturally propagated new strain (non-GMO) by significantly increasing yield per tonne of raw leaf.

High-ORAC grapesHigh-ORAC ingredient from grapes
A new ingredient made from grapes, ORAC-15,000, developed by Ethical Naturals of San Anselmo, California, enables makers of supplements, foods and beverages to create defined antioxidant levels. ORAC-15,000 is one of the highest known ORAC value ingredients available from natural sources, the company says. Providing 15,000 units per gram — three times the ORAC value of pure vitamin C — a dose level of 350mg meets the USDA daily recommendation of 3,000-5,000 ORAC units. ORAC-15,000 is water soluble, has a mild flavour and colour profile, and uses no harsh solvents; only food-grade ethanol and distilled water are used. The ingredient allows finished products to carry the claim?'supports cardiovascular health,' and other benefits.

GlobalPAXAntioxidant-rich extract
Bell Ventures of Massachusetts has unveiled GlobalPAX, a proprietary extract made from natural sources of proanthocyanidins (PACs). It is the first high-performance ingredient to standardise antioxidant capacity to Total ORAC, which analyzes antioxidant protection against five free radicals, the company says. Its standardised Total ORAC is greater than 25,000 per gram. Bell Ventures also uses recognized markers of skin damage to demonstrate efficacy. GlobalPAX is standardised to collagenase and elastase inhibition, evidence that it helps defend against skin damage. The ingredient outperforms many popular antioxidanrs, including vitamin C, green-tea extract and green-coffee cherry extract, Bell Ventures reports.

Antiwrinkle ingredient comes to North America
Frutarom will now market the oral cosmetics ingredients of French company Copalis in North America. The first offering is Collactive, a natural antiwrinkle ingredient. Collactive is a marine-based ingredient composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio found naturally in skin. When taken orally, collagen and elastin have shown a synergistic antiwrinkle action, stimulating skin to lift and tone sagging areas, and minimize lines and wrinkles while increasing skin's moisture retention. Collactive is water soluble and fully digestible. It can be applied to clear-beverage formulations, or incorporated into capsules, tablets and food products, such as nutrition bars.

Cargill cookie baseHealthy cookie base by Cargill
Cargill's new Healthy Cookie Base makes it easy to create whole-grain cookies and bars with added fibre. The base contains proprietary ingredients, including Oiliggo-Fiber Inulin, GrainWise Wheat Aluerone and WheatSelect White Whole Wheat, enabling cookie processors to grow sales with a customizable platform that delivers high fibre and trans-free whole-grain cookies.

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