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Fat-burning product
MHP (Maximum Human Performance) recently introduced Anadrox, a combination muscle-growth/fat-burning product that contains 7-Keto, a branded ingredient from Humanetics Corp of Minnesota. 7-Keto (3-acetyl-7-oxo dehydroepiandrosterone) is a nonstimulant, thermogenic agent that has been proven to enhance the activity of three thermogenic enzymes — Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, Malic Enzyme and Fatty Acyl CoA Oxidase — and, subsequently, burn fat. In addition, two independently conducted clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals support the effectiveness of 7-Keto for weight loss. Anadrox is sold in capsules in the US.
+1 952 937 7660

Cheese with phytosterols
The UK's second-largest retailer, Wal-Mart/ASDA, has launched Heartfelt Plus Natural Cheese incorporating Forbes Medi-Tech's cholesterol-lowering phytosterol ingredient, Reducol. Heartfelt Plus is the first cheddar cheese in the UK to combine both low-fat and cholesterol-lowering benefits. Natural cheese typically contains a fat content of 30-40 per cent. The new Heartfelt Plus cheddar cheese with Reducol contains 12 per cent.
+1 604 689 5899

Gourmet chocolates with organic teas
Florida-based Joanie's Smiles, a new gourmet chocolate company, has unveiled a line of chocolate bars infused with organic teas. Cranberry-Ginger Tea bars are made with organic black tea, cranberries, natural ginger and milk chocolate; Wild Raspberry Tea blends raspberries, organic apple bits, hibiscus, rose hips herbal tea and milk chocolate; and Coconut-Green Tea dark chocolate bars contain organic clear Chumee green tea and coconut. Other bars in the line include Herbal Chai Tea with dark chocolate; Amber Rooibos tea with cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, allspice and black pepper; Rosemary Hibiscus Tea, a white chocolate bar with hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, orange peel and rosemary; and Pistachio-Green Tea containing white chocolate with organic green tea and pistachio.
+1 310 457 4093

Ayurvedic tea line
Pukka Herbs has created a range of organic Ayurvedic teas, under the name 'Balance'. The range comprises Cleanse, Harmonise and Protect. Cleanse is a blend of nettle, fennel and aloe vera, traditionally used to nourish and purify the skin. Harmonise is a blend of rose, vanilla and shatavari, traditionally used to support women's health. And Protect is a blend of jasmine green tea, cardamom and rosemary, traditionally used to help build the body's natural defences.
+44 1275 461950

Wheat-free rice crackers line expansion
Edward & Sons Trading Co's new flavoured Brown Rice Snaps add to its line of wheat-free, whole-grain rice crackers. Salsa Brown Rice Snaps contain tomato and cilantro, and Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps combine roasted black sesame seeds with wheat-free tamari soy sauce. Other flavours include vegetable with organic brown rice, tamari seaweed, no-salt sesame and buckwheat tamari.
+1 805 684 8500

Organic CO2-dried 100 per cent grass-juice powders
Synergy Production Laboratories in Utah has developed a line of certified organic and kosher cereal grass-juice powders under the Synergized brand name. All products are dried using a proprietary CO2-drying method that offers a comparable, but economic alternative to freeze-drying. Harvested at their optimal stage of growth, the grasses are immediately juiced and then dried at low temperatures. Because the product is not exposed to oxygen or heat, the resultant powders are enzymatically active, retain their nutritional potency, and contain levels of chlorophyll and enzymes that are much higher than average. The range includes wheat, kamut, oat, alfalfa and barley grass-juice powders. Soluble in liquid, the powders can be used for powdered drink mixes or smoothies, tablets or capsules, and bar applications.
+1 435 259 4787

Ashwagandha extract for stress
Kerry's Essentra, a patented extract derived from the botanical Ashwagandha, is believed to have anti-stress and adaptogenic properties. The ingredient, which can be combined with such foods as nutritional food bars, aims to counter fatigue, promote mental clarity and concentration, and enhance energy levels. Studies verify that adaptogens work at the cellular level to help increase energy, vitality and strength often compromised by physical or emotional stressors, Kerry says.
+1 314 239 9970

Cheese-ripening enzymes
DSM Food Specialties has launched Accelerzyme CPG, a pure and label-friendly cheese-ripening enzyme. Accelerzyme CPG significantly reduces cheese maturation time and eliminates bitter peptides, the company reports. The carboxy-peptidase activity of Accelerzyme CPG accelerates cheese flavour by releasing C-terminal amino acids. Accelerzyme CPG's activity remains low during the early stages of cheese-making, rising once the pH level in the cheese has been reduced by culture activity. Accelerzyme CPG is thermo-labile and dormant during standard pasteurisation, ensuring problem-free whey processing. Accelerzyme CPG is both kosher and halal-approved.
+ 31 15 279 2355

Soluble fibre 20-times sweeter than sugar
BeFlora Plus 20x is a new addition to Triarco's BeFlora's line. As the name and number indicate, this soluble fibre product is 20 times sweeter than sugar. BeFlora Plus 20x's timing is related to product shortage and price hikes affecting sucralose customers. This new version of BeFlora is widely used with sucralose to lessen the sweetening cost per serving and the dependence on sucralose. Customers often blend BeFlora Plus 20x with sucralose in a 25-75 per cent ratio to lower costs by almost 24 per cent, Triarco says. BeFlora has also attained self-affirmed GRAS status.
+ 1 800 879 3745

High protein at lower cost
Nuvex Ingredients' new high-protein crisp contains 60 per cent protein at half the cost of traditional soy protein crisps. The Super Saver 60 formula combines soy and wheat proteins. Wheat gluten is a lower-cost source of protein, but the industry has been challenged, trying to tame the natural hardness of wheat gluten to make it palatable. With 60 per cent protein, Super Saver 60 is well-suited for nutritional bars, snacks and cereal clusters, the company reports, without compromising taste.
+ 1 507 526 4331

All-natural sweetened dry cranberry
Cranberry-supplier Ocean Spray ITG is going natural. The company has introduced an all-natural version of its best-selling sweetened dried cranberry (SDC). The tangy juice SDC is sweetened by natural fruit, delivering all the health benefits of cranberries. Natural juice SDCs are process tolerant, retain shape and colour without bleed or loss of moisture common to many fruits, Ocean Spray reports. The juice is particularly suited for baked goods, cereals, cereal bars, and fruit and nut mixes.
+ 1 800 662 3263

Three-times more lycopene
Lyc-O-Mato Red has been added to LycoRed's Lyc-O-Mato product line for food and beverage fortification ingredients. Lyc-O-Mato Red is an option for liquid and paste applications. As a lycopene source, non-GMO Lyc-O-Mato Red delivers three times more lycopene than tomato paste, according to the company, providing marketable health benefits with ease of handling. Lyc-O-Mato Red also targets the tomato-based products industry for boosting lycopene levels without changing the manufacturing process.
+ 1 877 592 6733

Red palm cooking oil
Carotino Cooking Oil, a new kind of red palm cooking oil, has a brilliant red color and numerous healthy dietary components. The oil contains the pulp of the fruit, not the kernel, of Malaysian red palms as a key ingredient; is 100 per cent natural, and is both vegan and kosher. Its light taste will not overpower delicate dishes, and it can withstand high heat without burning, enabling it to replace oils in any recipe. The oil has high levels of vitamins A and E, as well as beta-carotene. It is trans-fat free and contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. It also contains lycopene.
+1 602 432 2010
[email protected]

Kosher-certified Policosinol
PL Thomas' Policosinol is now kosher certified. Extracted from sugar cane wax, Policosanol is used in CV health and cholesterol support applications. It is a mixture of higher primary aliphatic alcohols isolated whose main component is octacosanol. PLT's Policosanol provides several advantages to formulators and manufacturers of nutritional supplements. It is made from sugar cane wax — the same raw material source used for various clinical studies. In addition, the PLT product is manufactured by a unique process known as molecular distillation. As a result PLT is able to supply Policosanol that is not in violation of existing US patents, the company reports.
+1 973 984 0900, ext 223

Oleic acid-rich soybean oil
Iowa State University has created a new soybean oil that contains twice the amount of oleic acid found in conventional soybean oil and only 1 per cent of linolenic acid. The unhydrogenated oil could be used in a huge array of food products, such as cereals and energy bars, powdered cheese sauces and non-dairy creamers. The new oil is the product of research conducted in the university's agronomy department by a soybean breeding team led by Walter Fehr. Fehr obtained from scientists at Saga University in Japan a soybean line with about 50 per cent oleic acid, compared with about 28 percent in conventional soybeans. The Japanese soybean, developed by conventional breeding, could not be grown in Iowa because it did not mature before frost and its linolenic acid content was too high to avoid hydrogenation.
+1 515 294 6865
[email protected]

Animal-free beta-carotene beadlet
A new beta-carotene beadlet, BetaTab(r) 20% S, is the latest addition to DSM's extensive animal-free ingredients portfolio. Functional foods and supplements products can be fortified with the beadlet. BetaTab(r) 20% S is designed for direct compression in the multivitamin tablet industry.
+ 41 61 688 33 33

Transparent shades for clear beverages
CHR Hansen's new ColorFruit range of natural, transparent shades is designed for use in clear beverages. From yellow to violet, the hues are derived from two pigments: natural carotene and anthocyanins. The stability of the colours is a result of technology that optimises the intermolecular relationships of the colour molecules and creates colours with superior heat and light stability, the company reports.
+ 45 457 4747

Gelatin-free beadlets
Algatechnologies in Israel has unveiled gelatin-free astaxanthin beadlets for tablets or hard-shell capsules, as part of the company's AstaPure line. The beadlet is natural and free of animal products. The company developed a patented closed system for the cultivation of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, which creates a pure product with the highest concentration of astaxanthin, the company reports.
+972 8 635 6425

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