Vets Plus invests in nanotechnology research

Vets Plus invests in nanotechnology research

Science-based animal health company launches a new research initiative to focus on cutting-edge nanotechnology to create innovative products. 

Science-based animal health company Vets Plus Inc. is launching a new research initiative to focus on cutting-edge nanotechnology to create innovative products. The company has recently begun research in nanotechnology which will improve product quality and bioavailability of ingredients for greater benefit to the animal.

Raj Lall, founder, president and CEO, said expanding the research and development effort it is all part of the company’s vision. He said, “Our success as a company has been in our ability to create science-based products that address the most common conditions in food animals and pets. Nanotechnology and other research endeavors are a way to continue providing the most effective supplements.”

The company is beginning research in nanotechnology to introduce companion and food animal products that may be more effective than what is possible with larger particle sizes. Dr. Ajay Srivastava, director of technical sales and clinical trials, said, “We often face challenges with bioavailability of ingredients in developing products. Nanotechnology is one of the best answers to this problem.” This technology will encompass a variety of ingredients, including bioflavonoids (such as curcumin), probiotics, herbal extractions, and vitamins, for use in unique combinations for targeted, species-specific formulations.

As the company invests in resources for new product innovations, they are also seeking out expert advice from renowned researchers. First to speak in their seminar series is Abhijit Ray, PhD. Dr. Ray joined the Vets Plus R&D team for a presentation, “A Fantastic Journey into the World of Nanoscience,” on Friday, Sept. 26. Dr. Ray is a leading researcher on nanotechnology in medical applications. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and holds 10 U.S. and world patents.

Lall said, “We’re pleased to have Dr. Ray join us as we are exploring new technologies. His presentation will be the first in a seminar series intended to encourage our employees think creatively about helping animals to thrive through scientific discovery.”

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