Innovation—is it part of your business?

Innovation—is it part of your business?

Editor-in-chief Todd Runestad ponders innovations in the industry at large and right here at Functional Ingredients magazine.

Innovation comes in many forms—a new botanical from the rainforest, a new extraction method, a new peptide or fraction, new research validating an old ingredient, a combination of ingredients that signal a more efficacious formulation, a new solution to a nagging health condition.

How would you describe benchmarks for successfully integrating innovative practices—especially in today’s global regulatory environment that appears desirous of squeezing innovation out of the health and wellness sector? How do you possibly count on process innovations when a lot of the work is no longer done in your U.S. facility but has been off-shored to countries that don’t have such easy familiarity with the consumer bellwethers? Do you outsource innovation by simply looking to acquire smaller, more nimble companies that seem to have a tighter turning radius?

We know that you finished goods manufacturers are more open to innovation today—you’re looking for new ideas that resonate with consumers, products you can bring to market and change your company’s growth metric.

What does it take to bring innovation to your business?

Have we got a solution for you. And it’s in a—dare I say?—innovative format. It’s our first foray into the so-called virtual trade show medium. We call it Engredea365. On Thursday, Sept. 29, you can fill your head with provocative notions that just might take your business in new directions. It comes straight to your desktop. Whether you play in the food/beverage, supplement or nutricosmetic sandbox, I know you will find great value here. Did I mention it’s free?

Oh, it’s got some of the trappings of the virtual trade show model. In one “hall” are exhibiting companies with “booths”—they staff their booths with real live people who can engage in a conversation or a chat about their capabilities and ingredients that can give you a fresh perspective on your product lineup.

In another hall are the education sessions. But here we break from the norm in a few significant ways. One is the lineup—the entire education track focuses like a laser beam on innovation. Literally.

Our keynote is the strategy and innovation expert Dr. Vijay Govindarajan, author of the best-seller, “The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge.” Unlike Webinar-style virtual trade shows that have the perfunctory PowerPoint presentation with audio of a speaker, Engredea365 has live video panel discussions on topics like creating benchmarks for innovation in a post-NDI world and top industry innovations and innovators. Market watchers reveal the ingredients, technologies and companies that are leading the next generation of healthy solutions. Just like on TV! Only it’s better, because we’ll answer your questions at the end.

Better than TV. Interactive TV.

So, what does it take to bring innovation to your business? Check out and click on “virtual.”

See you at the movies,

Todd Runestad

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