Natural Foods Merchandiser

Ready for the anniversary party

The architects who created Radius toothbrushes, the left-and right-handed tools known for their large ergonomic handles, also designed and painstakingly restored a 20,000-ft., 145-year-old warehouse into a cutting-edge factory and headquarters in Kutztown, Pa. Then, a microburst blasted it. On July 16, (ironically, one of the founder's birthdays) 2007, a storm slammed the building, ripping a hole through its side, blasting out brick walls, drowning every single one of the molding machines in 3 feet of water and decimating the shipping department. Since then, the staff has been trying to recover, working in a trailer in the parking lot, complimented by a Porto-Potty outhouse. "Very cold," says Saskia Foley, vice president of marketing for Radius Toothbrush. Renovations, including salvaging bricks from the rubble for rebuilding, took months. Finally, in May, they were able to return to the newly renovated building, where they will celebrate the company's 25th anniversary on Nov. 23.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVI/number 8/p. 10

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