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Using your story to sell your product

Walking the show floor on Friday, I realized that telling a great story can really sell a product. Forsaking a sales pitch for a simple, heartfelt explanation of what a company is all about allows customers (in the store or on the show floor) a peek into your company’s spirit. That can be even more inspiring and informative than delving into the nutrients, history and composition of each product one by one. This is what we editors strive for--to educate by engaging the audience.

That's not to say that you should necessarily deny sharing the facts about your product, store or company. But don’t be afraid to expound on the background, passions, successes and unsuccessful events that went into your business. For in an industry founded on health and the restorative power of helping the planet and each other, your unique history could be that thing that differentiates you.

Katy Neusteter
Managing editor
Delicious Living

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