Visit Vitafoods' New Products Zone

Visit Vitafoods' New Products Zone

Wealth of ingredient innovation from the last 12 months is on display.

The nutraceutical industry is brimming with innovation and defying the wider gloomy economic environment, with the Freedonia Group predicting the sector will grow by 7.2 percent annually until at least 2015.

The growth of the industry and the development of innovative nutraceutical products correlate with the increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, which are responsible for more than 36 million deaths each year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This, combined with greater interest from consumers to improve overall health and well-being, mean that the opportunities for manufacturers are ripe.

At Vitafoods Europe, a wealth of ingredient innovation from the last 12 months is on display in the New Products Zone. Joint and bone health, mental and cognitive function and healthy aging all top the bill in the innovation stakes with ingredients in other buoyant categories such as weight management and gut health also providing ample inspiration for new product development.

Just some of the innovations visitors can expect to see include the first magnesium concentrate from deep ocean water with antidiabetic benefits; a beauty cookie containing Peptan® collagen for improved skin; an ingredient that unlocks the optimal utilisation of calcium from blood to bone; and a saffron extract that helps relieve stress.

Finished Products Europe also has its own dedicated New Products Zone, which showcases the latest developments the dietary supplements and functional food and drink industries have to offer. Exciting launches include an energy lollipop for people on-the-go, natural herb effervescent tablets for safe weight loss and a lozenge that effectively removes carcinogenic acetaldehyde from saliva during smoking.

Chris Lee, portfolio director of Vitafoods Europe, comments: “Innovation is inherent to the success of the nutraceutical market which is evolving to meet changing consumer demands all the time. Despite the recession, ingredient innovation has been high and there are lots of exciting new products on the market that respond to top trends such as weight management, gut health and cognitive function. The New Products Zone acts as a unique opportunity for R&D professionals and formulators to discover some of the latest product launches to help drive nutraceutical product design.”


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