Dr. Robert Fisher joins Tate & Lyle as Head of Global Research and Development

Dr. Fisher has been appointed Head of Global Research and Development following the retirement of Dr. Bob Schanefelt.

Dr. Fisher, a PhD in Food Science, most recently served as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer for the International Life Science Institute, North America. Prior to that, he was Executive Vice President, Business Development and New Technology for John I. Haas, a leading producer and trader of hops. Bob has also held the position of Vice President, Research & Development, North America, for The Campbell Soup Company.

Bob Fisher said, “Tate & Lyle is well renowned as an ingredients company with a culture of innovation. Continued investment in R+D, and the highly qualified backbone of research and applications scientists within the Group, will drive further advancement. Bob Schanefelt has left a great legacy and I very much look forward to building on this.”

Stanley Musesengwa, Chief Operating Officer, Tate & Lyle said “We welcome Bob Fisher, who brings strong scientific and business leadership skills and significant experience in both consumer goods and agri-processing. We look forward to continuing our progress in value added ingredient research and development under Bob’s leadership.”

Musesengwa continued, “We wish Bob Schanefelt a long and happy retirement. Tate & Lyle has been very fortunate to benefit from Bob’s outstanding leadership and dedication over nearly 37 years of service.”

Dr. Bob Schanefelt joined the Company, then A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company, in 1970 upon completing a PhD degree in Food Science & Biochemistry from Kansas State University. In 1988, he became Vice President of Staley’s R&D; and in June 2002, was named Vice President, Global R&D, for Tate & Lyle.

About Tate & Lyle
Tate & Lyle is a world leading manufacturer of renewable food and industrial ingredients. It uses innovative technology to transform corn, wheat and sugar into value-added ingredients for customers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, packaging and building industries. The Company is a leader in cereal sweeteners and starches, sugar refining, value added food and industrial ingredients, and citric acid. Tate & Lyle is the world number-one in industrial starches and is the sole manufacturer of SPLENDA® Sucralose.

Headquartered in London, Tate & Lyle is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE.L. In the US its ADRs trade under TATYY. The Company operates more than 65 production facilities in 29 countries, throughout Europe, the Americas and South East Asia. It employs 7,000 people in its subsidiaries with a further 4,800 employed in joint ventures. Sales in the year to 31 March 2006 totalled £3.7 billion. Additional information can be found on www.tateandlyle.com.
SPLENDA® is a trademark of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC

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