Efficacy of Enzymedica's Thera-blend Reconfirmed

Florida based enzyme manufacturer Enzymedica, Inc. has announced that recent findings by a researcher at the National University of Ireland, Galway, have reconfirmed the efficacy and function of Enzymedica’s trademarked Thera-blend™ process.

Thera-blend is Enzymedica’s exclusive blending process used for the protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase enzymes in the company’s formulas. The goal of the process is to blend several strains of each enzyme to achieve greater activity over a broader pH range. The end result of the Thera-blend method is increased potency, as enzymes are enabled to break down more bonds throughout the entire digestive system. The variety of strains also makes the formulas more effective systemically.

The positive correlation was validated by Dr. Maria Tuohy, while studying an unrelated enzymatic assay obtained from Enzymedica’s GlutenEase™ formula for its starch-modifying and proteolytic activities. [Its ability to break down starches and proteins.]

Scott Sensenbrenner, CEO of Enzymedica shares, “These recent findings corroborate previous tests by the manufacturer and Enzymedica is excited to share the news. As a science-based company we will continue to pursue research to further substantiate our product claims.”

To learn more about Thera-blend and Enzymedica enzyme products, please visit www.enzymedica.com.

About Enzymedica, Inc.:
Florida-based Enzymedica, Inc., was founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted enzyme products that address digestion issues, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular issues, immune function and inflammation. The exclusive Enzymedica Thera-blend™ process combines different strains of each major enzyme to work more broadly in the digestive tract and throughout the entire body. Enzymedica's products are made from only the highest quality plant and plant-based enzymes.

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