G&G's G-agmatine™ Reviewed in Chiropractic Publication

Gilad&Gilad LLC, the exclusive supplier of Neurofencine™, the nutraceutical supplement containing G-agmatine™, announces the publication of a review article on "Dietary Agmatine for Sciatica" in the July, 2010, issue of ACA News, the official publication of the American Chiropractic Association.

According to the Association, ACA News is the only publication that provides in-depth coverage on key chiropractic issues to 35,000 chiropractic professionals and guarantees that its message reaches the profession’s most influential leaders.

The review highlights the neuroprotective properties of G-agmatine™, a widespread natural amino acid metabolite found in low amounts in various plant, fish and meat foodstuff. It further describes the clinical studies with Neurofencine™ demonstrating the safety profile of G-agmatine™ and the efficacy of therapeutic dosages of this novel nutraceutical in improving quality of life in people suffering from sciatica.

The review is authored by Gad Gilad and Varda Gilad the neuroscientist founders of Gilad&Gilad. According to the Company, the evidence clearly substantiates the structure and function claims of Neurofencine™: "for healthier spine-nerve relationship".

More than 20 million people in the United States alone cope with circumstances that affect healthy nerve function. According to the Company, NeurofencineTM is poised to improve the quality of life of multitude of people worldwide whose need for healthier pain-free nerve functions remained unmet until now.

About Gilad&Gilad LLC:

Gilad&Gilad is a privately owned USA company in Reseda, California, with a mission to providing evidence-based safe and effective products of superior quality for healthier nervous system functions and a better quality of life. It was founded in 2000 by Dr. Gad Gilad and Varda Gilad following years of collaborative scientific research and based on their breakthrough discovery of the neuroprotective properties of G-agmatine™. The Company builds its reputation on continuous investment in sound scientific research and development, thus earning the trust of health care professionals and gaining credibility with the public. For further information about Gilad&Gilad please visit www.ForNerveHealth.com

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